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Thread: A few battle reports

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    Default A few battle reports

    Just my 4 battle reports so far, 1+2 and level1 3 is level2 and 4 is level5
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    so, my question is, how do you build a city after you kill the army in the flat? I still haven't figured that out...

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    It's quite simple really;
    a)have 250 workers in your city, NOT ON THE FLAT
    b)have 10k of EVERY resource and 10k gold in your city
    c)Must have the "knight" title

    Click on your flat and there should be a "Build a city" option, or something along those lines, if there isn't, then click "enter" and it will be there. Can't remember that bit exacly, but thats along the right lines.

    Hope that helps.

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    Default building extra cities

    Each title allows you one extra city:

    Knight: build one more city for a total of two

    Baronet: build one more city for a total of three

    Make sure you have transports waiting to go to bring extra resources as raising another city is a slow process when you first start out.

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    A lvl6 hill, ow the pain, I was just after medals...
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    One word Alex.


    Make them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fenrir View Post
    One word Alex.


    Make them.
    True that - archers reduce loss, by PWNing opposing armies from the back, immensely. Get on that ASAP.

    A surprisingly small amount is effective, too! I've had groups of like twenty archers knock down 100 fellahs or more before my front line troops ever got touched.
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