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Thread: Evony wont work?

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    Text Evony wont work?

    hey alright i love evony soo plz if any1 can help me id much appricate them

    i have a laptop and while downloading evony it goes 2 100% then appears blank with nothing not even a load clock. My browser says done at the end when its clearly not...ive tried everything on the troubleshootings and i still dont kno what else to do. My firewall is liliteraly off bolth compurter and norton.

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    upgrade your flash player?

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    have you hit your refresh button at that point? When ever that happens to me, I hit refresh, then it will pop up in a bit and work for me. If that doesn't work for you, try clearing your cache and stuff. That tends to work for people.

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    i have had that happen to me and it stayed blank for ten minutes then it came up lol
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