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Thread: Ambiguous Scout Reports (Few, Lots, Zounds, etc)

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    He copied this from here:

    Do not give him credit. This is a spam thread.
    Asking for rep in your signature is very lame..

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    Default Heroes of might and magic...

    This is outstanding info and very useful once you get used to using it.

    If anyone played Heroes of Might and Magic (1,2,3, or 4) this system is almost identical to the monster count system from those games. Maybe the same with HoMM5 but 4 was so bad i didnt bother with 5. 1 through 3 were some of my favorate games ever. In fact... I see a great deal of HoMM influance in this game...

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    thank you for this really helped me!

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    I have looked every where lol Thank you so much this helped me bigtime

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    i think you might have got it right cause i attacked a flat lvl 7 and it said it hada zound of troops so i attacked with 10k archers and there was about 1k swordsmen there


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