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Thread: Daily Quest reward is 10 or more evony cents

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    Lightbulb Daily Quest reward is 10 or more evony cents

    I think the daily quest award should be 10 or more evony cents each day so u dont get an amulet every time u can get wat u want.

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    Would be lovely...but then again...thats 70c a week, 280c a month...for every player...aint gonna happen
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    ya that would be great i could get my adv city teleport in 9 days but that will never happen


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    Default 1 coin per day

    1 coin would be best so u acctually had to come and get it and y can have a max coin u get from the daily thing like 50 thats a max of 365 per year thats not bad

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    yeah I would rather have 1 cent then another speaker..

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    why not 5(the price of an amulet)


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