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Thread: The "Servers are down" or "I can't get into the game" thread...

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    Default this blows

    i still cant get in

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    Default Yay!!!!!!!

    im finally back in!!!!

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    Default what happened to server 88

    I am on server 88 and its completely gone. What really makes me mad is that i am new and actually spent a little money to help me along and now the server is gone how can a company run like this without being shutdown this is stupid anyone else from server 88 having this problem/

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    Default 83-88

    they dont even exist on mine anymore :/

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    they don't exist on mine anymore either

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    there should be a way to report this company if they are going to rip people off they should be held accountable. what they have done is nothing short of stealing

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    Default server 88

    Well, now server 88 has disappeared. Anyone have any ideas??

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    Oct 2009


    Your not alone, Im on server 83 too, and all i get is tan screen and can see 83 is removed from list!! I'v only been a member a week and I've worked hard to get everything up ready for attacks - didnt realise it was going to be the actual evony creaters that destroyed me!!! Wont be joining again if its going to screw me over. I had developed it to 22thousand prestige, level 6 walls, army 4ever increasing etc etc
    Anneliese xx

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    YOU ROCK!!! Thank you I was able to get to my game!!

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    Default very angry

    ya this is crazy.cant get on now its giving me a new account.spent a bucket load of real money getting my cities up and now the one day off i have to play they shut me down.this is not right and i am very angry.the 1 thing that really annoys me is that i cant speak to any1 about it.o E MAILS E MAILS great cover from bad business.i want to speak to some1 in person about this.i am very angry and if i dont get a good response from a real person i am complaining to paypal and i want my money back.:mad

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