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Thread: The "Vacation Mode" thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by adzmodian View Post
    Food is NOT consumed :P stop hating!
    bug fix today... patch notes 10/29.

    oh.. and Food WAS consumed. :P stop actin' like ya know it all.

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    Holiday mode -

    rather than making it so people have to cancel all their research, builds, troops line-up etc and lose a third of the resources they pumped in to make those troops in the first place.

    Why does holiday mode not just pause everything for the vacationer.

    Also...valleys can be attacked while ur on holiday and can't be defended...this sux balls as vacation mode is a lil different to truce.

    3rdly..things like excalibur...this keeps on burning through ur days when ur on holiday. considering this is either obtained via the visa card or through cents won off the wheel this too should be paused.

    Vacation mode is a good thing for those who don't want to return to all their troops refuged and cities plundered to the crap....
    but there are a few more issues u need to iron out with it...


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