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    I was wondering if there was a website out there that had a Evony City Planner program that would allow you to plan for building a city, before you actually did in evony?

    to help figure out Production capacity , tax rates, research times, building times, etc,etc,etc,

    anyway if there is such a beast out there. please post a link and I would be very greatful.

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    I don't think there is that i know of, sorry.

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    if someone has some coding skills, this would be a fantastic tool to have in the evony community if it does not exist already.

    im planning on taking over my first level 10 barb city and i dont really want to destroy any buildings until I plan it out first. and a tool like this would be fantastic

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    Honestly I don't think that'd be neccesary. You get to know the major construction times pretty fast, production rates are jus' a matter of which you want more (it's not good to have mix'n'match res.fields in your City, better to pick one per city) and research times are jus' a matter of math and priorities.

    If you really felt the need to plan ahead on your city you could probably write it up on paper pretty easily and get what you need from that.

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