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    I have a couple of questions for the Players that experienced the World Mergers until now...
    1. I know your cities get scattered after Merger but will they remain in same state they were originaly in and just randomly change coords or will they be randomly relocated in other states even if they weren't in them?
    2. The Food you NPC farm/Player farm before Merger will it come with you to the WN? Or if you have say 5 billion Food will it be lost (I'm not counting on useless Farms that I don't even keep)?
    3. I've heared in the WN you have 3 days food consumption freeze. Does this mean if you have say -10mil food in a City troop upkeep and 200mil Food stocked up, for 3 days the 200mil won't go down? Or was it a false information I had about the 3 days food freeze?
    4. Thanks in advance for any useful information .

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    here is what some other people went through.
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    1. Its completely random, but the give you an adv. teleport for each city you own.

    2. It should come with you, but some people do experience issues during the merge. Just keep an eye on it and you'll probably be fine.

    3. I'm not to sure about that. I don't think its true though. Not really certain though. Someone else will have to answer that.
    EDIT: Seems to be true. Jumped onto my WN3 account and troop upkeep is 0. So appears to be true.

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