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    Evony Community,

    A user brought to our attention something which everyone probably knows about: the dreaded burn in or image persistence ghosts.

    As with absolutely everything you view on your screen, you'll most likely face these issues. Your monitor came with a user's manual which probably stated that any static images over an extremely long period of time will cause issues such as (for older style monitors and plasma screens) burn in or (for new styles such as LCDs) image persistence.

    There are a few ways to combat image persistence for LCD monitors which many of them restore 100% although it might take a few days. I'd refer you though to your monitor user's manual for any specific action to take.

    If you are already getting image persistence on your LCD monitor or burn in on your plasma or regular monitor; perhaps try opening and running Evony on a different place on your screen than you usually do. Change your desktop background regularly. Change where (for windows users) your menu bar is at. Open programs in windows in various places. Alternate these places so you don't get image persistence or burn in.

    Prevention is better than cure (just like brushing twice a day, flossing, etc rather than drills!).

    Best Regards,

    Evony Team

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