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Thread: List of Suggestions

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    Default List of Suggestions

    I welcome you to the up-to-date list of ideas that have been suggested in the past, suggestions that are on the feedback site as well as suggestions that are here.

    Suggestions that have been flagged as planned will be highlighted in green.
    Suggestions that have been flagged as under consideration will be highlighted in blue.
    suggestions that have been flagged as not planned will be highlighted in red.
    If a suggestion has not been commented on by Evony, then it will not be highlighted.

    I will be working on this thread for some time, so bare with me, it is a work in progress. It will be more organized an easy to navigate when it is finished, but as of right now it is far from that point. I hope to have them alphabetized and color-coded soon enough, as well as sorted out by type of suggestion. Also, at some point, links to all the threads discussing these suggestions will be posted.
    If you notice any suggestions have been left out, please let me know!

    Also, I owe a very big thank you to LordMac and QuantumLeap. both of them were a tremendous help in the creation of this thread. Also, QL created the banner
    Without you two this wouldn't have been possible.

    -Prestige Decline Due to Inactivity
    Gradual drop of prestige for inactive accounts, and deleted when it hits zero. Paying accounts do not get deleted.

    -Beginner Server / Worlds
    Possible solution to inactive, low-prestige accounts; a "BP server" where newbies stay to learn the game and grow a bit before going to the real servers.

    -Nation Chat
    Channel for two or more alliances.

    -Alliance Announcements
    Be able to make announcements in Alliance Chat in a different color.

    -Abandon to Flat
    Give players the option to abandon cities to NPCs or to flats (add the option to choose).

    Barracks Status
    Show barracks status in the Overview screen, either in the City view or in a separate tab.

    -Cancel Troop Queues
    Option to cancel all queues in 1 barrack and/or cancel all queues in all barracks.

    -Evony Hardcore Server An all-out war server, where end-game, war-minded, and very experienced players can battle it out based on their skills (sign up required, smaller map).

    -Intercept Incoming Attacks

    Ability to send out troops to meet attackers midway.

    Ability to build outposts in valleys/flats you own.

    -Suggestions to Limit Massive Armies
    Limits that involve variable food costs, heal rate based on troop count, and capped number of NPCs that can be built from each city depending on TH level.

    -Server Wars
    Factions / Teams

    -No / Limit Farming
    Suggestions (no upkeep, but more expensive troops; troops-only based prestige; attacks limited by prestige) in response to the NPC cleanup in Age I.

    -Selective mail delivery
    The ability to check who you want to send mail to in your alliance.

    -Alliance mails should cost less speakers
    This suggestion is self-explanatory. ^_^

    -War Ensign
    Introduce a confirm box before sending out troops, or automatically untick the war ensign box after sending out troops.

    -Increase Resource Transport Value
    Allow players to enter more than 7 digits in the transport amount field.

    -Test Servers
    Introduce a separate, by-invites only, server where new features and updates can be tested out first before implementing it into the real servers.

    -Favorites List
    Allow players to add any coordinates in it, whether it's for a player's city, valley, or NPC.

    -Remove speakers from game
    Allow speaking in world chat for free.

    -Free Vacation mode on Wheel
    Give away vacation hours on the wheel.

    -Buildings higher than level 10
    Allow buildings to exceed their current level limit.

    -Audio, Music and Sound in the game
    Add various sound effects or a theme song to the game.

    -Downloadable Game Client
    Add an option to install Evony and make an icon.

    -Adding Magic to the Game
    This also applies to suggestions for other fantasy elements, like creatures and troops, as well as buildings. <-- Add magic to the game <-- Add fantasy elements to the game

    -Adjust Medal Drop Rate
    Make medals drop more frequently.

    --Merge my server!
    Answer: Evony evaluates server changes on an as needed basis. They look at the number of players and activity on those servers to determine which servers need merges.

    -Selling unwanted items
    Allow players to sell items they will never use to the market for coins. <-- Selling items to the market <-- Selling items to other players

    -Ignoring Attacks Option (Stop reports/bird from flashing)
    Allow players to check which attacks make the bird flash.

    -Larger Selection of Avatars
    Add more default images to choose from for our avatars.

    -City List Order
    Allow players to rearrange the order their cities appear.
    Evony Product Manager Dave Mata likes the idea.

    -Purchasing Keys for Chests
    Sell single keys in the market.
    Evony Product Manager is interested in exploring ways to accomplish this.

    -Evony Mobile App
    Response from Evony Rep "Thantium"
    You can play Evony on some smart phones that have Flash. As for Apple products there are some ways to use flash on the phone using third party applications. We do not support or test for any mobile product but some players are using them.

    -Construction Queue
    Considered solved with Bernini's Hammer item.

    -Captchas at Login to fight off Bots
    When creating an account, implement a captcha. To my knowledge, this has already been implemented.

    -Buying Cents with a Phone
    Evony Rep Thantium has been pushing for this idea. Habbo has been considered but is not available in the U.S., one of their largest locations of players.

    -Allow Bernini's Hammer to Queue Research and Demolition Too
    Idea has been forwarded by Dave Mata to the designer of Bernini's Hammer to get ideas.

    -Forward Base Camps
    Some emails flew around some representatives, and generally gained good responses.

    -Creating Battle Animations/Scenes
    Simulate battles for players to view.

    -New Server Subscription Service
    The Evony Team has been contemplating of a reportedly similar idea.

    -Language Selection
    The Evony Team is working on translating the client into many other languages at the moment.

    More will be added soon!
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    -Search War Reports
    Have the ability to do a refined search through war reports based on various keywords.

    -Attack Cooldown After Expelling an Alliance Member
    Prevent alliance members from immediately attacking a player that was just booted from the alliance.

    -Base All Game Time on a Server Time

    -Selling Medals Individually
    Sell medals from the market for individual purchase.

    -Preset Troop Sets
    Like a favorites, for farming waves. Or any other attack.

    -NPC attacks
    Allow NPC cities to launch attacks at players.

    -Reports of Reinforcements
    Add reports of when alliance members sent reinforcements and/or when the reinforcements arrived. Also, reports of when alliance members send resources.

    -Account Security Code
    Add more security features.

    -[A2] Governorship Lotto

    Instead of the same player being governor, the top five nominees will be placed in a "lotto" and randomly selected from.
    This idea has earned a response from Dave Mata with support for the concept of spreading the power around. Therefore, this idea may have hope.

    -Letting players vote for server mergers
    allow players to vote for their server to merge with another, servers with the most votes get merged.

    [A2] Switching Linked Facebook Accounts
    Allow players to switch their old facebook accounts with new ones.

    -Ability to Delete Your Own Account
    Allow players to completely erase their data from the system.

    -[A2] Release Heroes from Banned Players
    Release historic heroes from banned members for other players to use.

    -[A2] Add Attack Button to na1-19

    -Teleportation to Another Server/Change Server

    Allow players to teleport their cities to another server.

    -Choosing a custom picture for your avatar
    Allow players to upload their own photos to use as their avatars.

    -Archive Inactive Accounts
    Introduce an invisible "state" where inactive accounts are to be archived in after they are cleared from the map, but still enabling them to come back at a later date. See below.

    -Alternative Way of Dealing with Inactive Accounts
    Revolution (last city will turn into NPC, but all stats, items, account details will be preserved/archived).
    Ways to deal with these inactive accounts are being thought of by the developers. They will find a way, if you give them time. Also, there is already a system in place for deleting accounts that have never spent money. Accounts that have had money spent on them will never be deleted.

    -Trading of Items

    Has been sent to the developer team by Thantium. Thantium has made no promises however of the idea going through. <-- Trading items for other items <-- Trading items for cents
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    -Upgrade City Spaces
    New tech enabling more building plots.

    -Rearrange City
    Have the ability to rearrange city tiles without deconstructing and reconstructing buildings
    This thread actually suggested an item enabling city arrangement.

    -Create an in-game forum
    Suggests a forum to allow easier/more convenient communication within and between alliances.

    -Put a Limit to Massive Armies
    Six suggestions regarding limiters on the amount of troops that players can keep at one time, utilizing food/refuge/fugitive camp.

    -Market Fix
    Increase the amount of resources you are capable of selling in the market.

    -Change/Improve Colonization and Drafts Setup
    Contains four (4) very good ideas on how to improve colonization/drafting.

    -Ideas to Improve on HC Changes
    Several good suggestions in response to the HC drafting changes.

    -King / Queen
    Increase max level.

    -Separate Tabs for Alliance War Reports
    Introduce separate tabs for alliance defence / attack / HC battle reports, then eventually adding it to personal battle reports UI.

    -Military Intelligence
    Add new feature at the Inn, wherein players can use gold to gain some military information.

    -Poll Button
    Reposition it or change it to something smaller.

    -Introduction to Artifacts

    -Donation of Military Material
    Change "Decline" button to "Ignore".

    -Second-Tier Medal Exchange
    Allow players to exchange excess medals in exchange for prestige as a 2nd level quest.

    -Laying Siege
    Allow Age 2 players to station troops in valleys and lay siege to opponents

    -Reset Atlantis
    After a certain period of time, reset the ownership of Atlantis to give new people opportunities.

    -Stop New Accounts
    Stop allowing new accounts to be created on older/super/advanced servers
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    Server/Tournament Suggestions

    -Hardcore Server
    A server without holiday or truces, etc.

    -Farming Only Server
    Yep, it's actually been suggested.

    -Apply to Play Server
    Instead of a merge, have current server players apply via email for access to new merged server - help get rid of inactives.

    -Timed Server
    1 to 2 year server with champion alliance.

    -No Coin Server
    Self-explanatory ^_^

    -No Alliance Server
    Self-Explanatory. ^_^

    -Tournament Server
    No coining 1 month tournament

    - (slightly different) Tournament Server
    Pay to play timed server with altered rules.

    -Race Server
    6 month server, race to highest prestige/honor - pay to play

    -A Truly Free-Forever Server
    The costs of the server to maintain without any items whatsoever being available would be too high for this to be feasible.

    -Pay to Play
    A server with no coining, requiring a monthly fee to join.
    Here's one.
    Oh, here's another.
    Weird, here's one more.
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    The wheels of survival are greased more readily by easy lies than hard truths.

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    This is NOT a thread to post suggestions in, thank you. If you have a suggestion please create a thread for it. People posting suggestions will be redrepped.
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    Sweet, +rep for this

    Only one green though... :S
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    yep rep added and this is great

    thanx morgan xoxo

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    Thanks guys, but really, QuantumLeap and LordMac deserve just as much credit haha..

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    Quote Originally Posted by PLOPER View Post
    people need to be able to earn keys on the wheel and be able to buy them in the shop
    Quote Originally Posted by PLOPER View Post
    better things need to go on the wheel and if you get a chest give a key if you get say 10 then you get 1 key for free
    Quote Originally Posted by PLOPER View Post
    anyone there
    Quote Originally Posted by jorbaud View Post
    This would lower evony's profits and they have said many times that they will not add keys on the wheel or give them for free.
    Quote Originally Posted by SickbyDefinition View Post
    This is not a thread to post suggestions in, thank you. If you have a suggestion please create a thread for it.
    First, PLOPER, use the edit button.

    Second, you really need to read everything in a thread before posting.

    I don't see what's hard to understand about 'This is not a thread to post suggestions in, thank you.'

    I also don't think this thread is up for discussions either, so please, if you want to suggest something or discuss something; go create a separate thread.

    Thank you.


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