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Thread: HTML/Mobile version of Evony

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    I really want this app to happen i would buy an evony app

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    Default iPhone app

    Evony should make an on-the-go iPhone application so that iPhone users can play the game on their phones.
    If any of the developers are interested in an iPhone app (linked to the actual game played online, not a seperate entity) and dont have time or know how to code iPhone apps message me and perhaps we can work something out.

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    I believe this may be in the works but its just a roomer think.
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    Haha, ive got an iphone and that would be pretty cool...but i think it would send me to a new level of nerd if i did it..Good idea

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    It could be done, but not all features could be added.

    Have you ever played iMob on the iphone? It would end up being text based.

    Housefly, where did you hear that, sounds interesting?

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    I support!

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    I have an iPod Touch...Is that close enough? Hehe. I like this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Veael View Post
    I have an iPod Touch...Is that close enough? Hehe. I like this.
    same thing only thing is you'll have to be in a wifi area to access the game where as the iphone does not

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    Good idea, at the moment the iPhone flash can't support webflash due to licensing and limitations with the iPhone sdk. You can read more about it here:

    The reasoning behind Apple not allowing webflash is to promote their own Appstore:
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    I actually thought when I first mentioned the game being iPhone compatible that it would definitely have to be text based, if it were even compatible then the game would probably be very laggy to say the least. However with a text based version for the iPhone at least iPhone users would then be able to do updates VIA the phone, recruit troops, send messages, etc. I dont think attacking would work so well on the iPhone text-based version of Evony simply because you wouldn't have any view of where your target is. It would definitely work for iTouch also Just wifi would be needed. I'd just love to be able to update buildings and stuff on the go so I wouldn't have to hop on a computer at a specified time to do an update. It would also expand the Evony community even further! Nearly everything in the game would be iPhone compatible but the attacks, which could work somehow I'm sure but it would probably be a funky one.
    If the developers of Evony would let me, a friend of mine and I could make the app!! PM me
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