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    Evony Forum Rules

    These rules MUST be followed at all times! No exceptions!

    Last Updated 11/16/2010

    Welcome to the Evony forums, a community dedicated to the free browser game, Evony. When you check the 'I Agree' box at registration, you are agreeing to follow these rules and requirements, so make sure you know them. We are an easy going bunch, but we do strive to maintain a high standard for posts on the forums, so we do enforce the rules. We will always aim to keep as many people happy as possible.

    Now lets point out how to not become the latest moderator snack...

    Short n Sweet Version
    • The forum language is English. No other Language is to be used anywhere on the Forums, e.g. in Posts, Usernames, Signatures, Avatars etc.
    • Be nice! If you want to name call, flame, belittle, embarrass or be nasty to members, go do it somewhere else.
    • Be mature! Profanity has no place here and makes you appear childish. Get your point across like an adult and save the swearing for delinquents loitering on the corner.
    • Write properly! It's "You" not 'u', "are" not 'r', etc. This is not MSN. You're not texting. Please post in proper English!
    • Search! We're here to help you, but only if you can prove you can help yourself. Search, read, then post!

    See, really not that hard. Now, onto the extended version.

    No flaming, personal attacks or harassment!

    There is a zero tolerance policy on this site in regards to members flaming, attacking or harassing another member in any way. We've all seen other forums, seen the unhelpful and nasty attitudes of some of the other posters, and we want users to be able to come here to get away from that. We will always find points on which we disagree with someone else, but we would ask members to try to keep an open mind to other people's points of views, and when you disagree, be civil and polite. This is especially true for people's personal opinions - disagreeing does not make the other person wrong. Share your opinions about the topic, not the poster.

    Note: This includes calling other members "noobs," telling them to "L2P," etc.
    Note 2: Posting of any personal messages or discussions, without the consent of all involved parties is forbidden.
    Note 3: Posting of any players' ingame coordinates is forbidden.
    Note 4: Public accusations of cheating or rule-breaking by another player/member are not allowed. Proper reports of such activity may be made through our customer service center.

    No derogatory or racist remarks!

    We are fortunate to have members from all over the world using, reading and posting on the site. Because of this, there is a zero tolerance policy towards any racial slurs, either clear or masked. This also includes where someone lives, including their country or region. While these comments may be okay to say in your own home or around friends, most people on this site can be classified as strangers and we want to keep the discourse polite and appropriate. Please refrain from any comments on race, place of residence or ethnic background, even when meant in jest. Remember, over the internet, the subtleties of humor can be lost and people may be offended unnecessarily.

    This also goes for making generalizations about a country or ethnicity (for example, "Asian bashing" because some players raised a lot of gold, etc.).

    No profanity or vulgar posts!

    While profanity and swearing may be second nature to some people, we frown upon it in forum posts. It is always more pleasant to read a well-constructed post free from constant foul language. If you find yourself using a lot of unnecessary words to make your point, take a break, calm down, and post again later. In most cases alternative language can be used which will lend your post more credibility. There is also a language filter in place. Any means to try to bypass it by using alternative characters (such as '!' in place of 'I' or * in place of a vowel) or any other means is against the rules, and will be treated as if you had used the actual word.

    Prohibited Topics

    Some topics inevitably lead to conflict and discussions tend to create heated emotional responses and unnecessarily hostile or offensive remarks. Evony is meant to be a place where people of widely differing views can come without fear of hostility, offense or lecture. For this reason, discussion in-game and on the forums should avoid highly controversial topics. Content which fails to meet these criteria may be censored or punished on a temporary or permanent basis; no complaints will be processed on these topics and, as always, the forum moderators and representatives will have the final say.

    Do not discuss the following prohibited topics:
    • Exploits, botting, hacks or cheats
    • Illegal activity and drug use
    • Politics and Religion
    • Sex and sexuality (including all sub-topics such as pedophilia, and including any sexual internet memes)
    • Anything which violates the Terms of Use.

    No spamming!

    This includes, but is not confined, to posting threads on topics where a thread already exists, posting the same topic in multiple forums (if you have a post that encompasses two categories, make a separate post for each in the proper areas) and making non-constructive posts, especially unnecessary negative sarcastic comments (note the distinction between humor and sarcasm). This also includes posts which are not related to Evony (except in Off Topic forum) and bumping old posts back to the first page. Use your judgment. Spamming is definitely off limits, we don't wish to read the same thing from the same person multiple times - posts like this will be edited / deleted.

    No Advertising!

    This site is many things - but a bulletin board to promote other websites it's not. When people start a website they want to spread the word. We were the same. However just like we did, we expect people to request permission before using our hard work to promote their own. Many times we will have no problem with helping another gaming website. However, posting without our permission will not only have your advertisement removed, you may find yourself unable to post in the future.

    It's common website courtesy to ask permission, just as it is to provide link backs or a thank you to those websites that helped promote you.

    Moderators will not post links in their signature under any circumstances, unless instructed too.

    No Illegal Stuff!

    Posting contents and links of ****ographic, politically extremist, immoral and offensive material which may breach applicable laws are forbidden. It is also not allowed to post keys, hacks, cracks or other things of illegal nature, including illegal download pages and "warez". Discussion of such items will lead to an immediate warning.

    Respect For The Staff (Administrators and Moderators)

    The Evony Forum is a discussion community for the game Evony, under the sole authority of its Administrators, and run with the aid of Moderators who act on the authority of the Administrators. At all times will members of this Forum follow the instructions of staff members, including these moderators and administrators. They are acting on behalf of the Administrators; questioning their actions or motivations in public messages is not welcome. Instead, should you have an issue with the way a staff member is behaving or disagree with their judgment, you are asked to please contact one of the Administrators via email or private message to express your concerns, instead of taking matters into your own hands. Our staff is entirely volunteer, and deserves the freedom to be able to do their volunteer jobs; at the same time, we recognize that not every decision is infallible, though we would like to be able to discuss the matter with you freely.

    Note: Denouncing any member of the staff with inflammatory and false statements is a bannable offense.

    The low down:

    A quick recap for those who like to skim.

    The break down of all these rules is simple - show respect to your fellow members. Every member of this board is welcome. Just because you don't agree with everything they say, does not mean they deserve disrespect from you or anyone else. If what they are saying is a problem, all members are encouraged to POLITELY point out the forum rules and/or show them a better way to communicate. Should a problem escalate further, we have a pair of shiny metal boots that will aid in sending violators to more appropriate location.

    Unlike many other forums, this site is heavily moderated to maintain the high level of maturity we strive to achieve. Posts will be edited or deleted if they are against the rules. Should you notice one of your posts edited, DO NOT re-edit to comment or alter it. Simply make another post following the rules or contact a moderator if you feel you were unfairly treated. Sometimes miscommunication happens, especially with so many nationalities and ways of speaking.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please make use of the Contact Us form, email us directly, or post in the Great Mind Collection forum.
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