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Thread: System Down

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    Default System Down

    Server 42 and 44 are down or not available in aus. Why.................729pm

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    Melbourne here too. Extremely slow, around 90% loaded for me at the moment.

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    Same here in UK on server 1 and 2,currently at 13% when trying to load and moving very slowly, I've already tried restarting my broadband connection and PC to make sure it wasn't at my end and I'm not having any problems at other sites.

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    New Server WN4 is down as well. They just merged these servers why are they having problems now?

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    I have done the same and still it is slow. Not a problem with that its seems to be a problem with Evony

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    I hope this doe snot last for long. 11:42 am my time Eastern Europe Time. and Server is down in WN4. This a new server they just merged

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    same here server 45

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    Default System Down Again 15th oct 2009

    At least 3 times today 15th october 2009 server is down on 42 and 44 at same time getting very annoying.
    "Is anyone else down?"

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    Default Servers Down? October 16, 2009

    Anybody else having log in issues? Saying inappropriate name? Are the servers down?

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    Default Server 84 down?...

    Ive tried nuerous times this morning 9:00,9:30,10:00... to log into server 84, im able to log in, however the server reahes 99% loading and suddenly brown screen... Im starting to get annoyed by the clock cursor... it animates, however nothng happens. Usually i can reload my browser and delete cookies and its fine, however today its not working. Anyone else having this issue or should i just go back to playing CivIV, lol?

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