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Thread: System Down

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    I know its been difficult lately to log in, most of my team has had numerous delays lately, however they usually have access after a few mins.... I just built a new city and we're at war!!!

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    im at 4 hrs for servers 6 73 and 83 cant get into any of them on 3 different browsers

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    I can't log into server 84 AGAIN! blah

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    84 is down for me aswell, they must have ran into technical difficulties and will be up later

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    I am just staying in the log in screen , right after you put in username and password, the little LOADING globe comes up but i sat there for 20 min and not logging in, any answers to my problems???

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    Isn't it great how the players have to find out the server is down by going to the forums rather than there just being an announcement... or an error when you try to get in game letting you know there is problems.

    Because sitting on that tan screen forever is my ideal way to figure out the server isn't working. Oh wait, the tan screen is a common problem, maybe it's my computer... lets try all these dumb little tricks to try to get the game to load. Hmmm... none of them worked, lets go check the forum... hey, everyone else is having the same problem, maybe the server is down?!?!

    Too bad there wasn't an announcement to save me a half hour of f*cking around with my computer.

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    to bad there isn't a way for them to be able to put a SERVER DOWN on the log in screen til the get it back up and running.

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    I am having issues on 85......

    I was right in the middle of a big battle too - really annoying.....

    -- llarian

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    Quote Originally Posted by maxinia73 View Post
    to bad there isn't a way for them to be able to put a SERVER DOWN on the log in screen til the get it back up and running.
    Wouldn't that be convenient. Seriously. My only other option is to just constat refresh. YAY!

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    Unhappy All Servers Are Down?

    i can't log on - i was online, and my browser just froze - it kept giving me the cirlce telling me it was thinking... i restarted my computer and still I cannot log on - anyone else having this problem?
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