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Thread: Key Issues on Combat Mechanics~

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    Ive picked up alot on this guide thanks for the post been getting off my arse and learning more of the mechanics this is great info to have

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkbrady View Post
    50k Raams attack ATs
    The rainbow got wiped out, doin' the job in protectin' the raams while they slowly inch forward, but the interestin' thing is that the transporters started takin' hits w/o any raams bein' killed.
    Transporters do indeed move slowly, and will even pass the attackin' force. Where seige units will stop as soon as they're in range of walls/defences, the transporters will continue forward, actin' as a painfully expensive rainbow for the raams to continue their attack untouched for longer.
    This is a rare situation, becasue typically the defendin' units will be busy attackin' other units and otherwise keepin' their focus on the seige before the transporters.
    I honestly don't have a solid explanation for this; if anyone does, feel free to let me know and I'll include it.
    ranged target in this order
    1. ATs
    2. ranged by highest total attack
    3. fastest troop in range

    what happened here is the transporters are faster than rams so they got hit, the transporters did not move up as they stay behind and wait for all other troops to die (same as scouts)

    edit: havent gone through all 55 pages so not sure if its been said but just thought id mention it since it hadnt been changed

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    wow lots of information but the phracts are very powerful ive seen them in action

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