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Thread: Evony Cheat Sheet!

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    Default Evony Cheat Sheet!

    I was over at my buddy's house the other day to watch the hockey game and have a few brewskies. A friend of his came over and told him that there are definitely no cheat sheets for Evony.
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    Hang on a sec...he just phoned and says he has the whole encillada for $100 lol

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    Yea just trype Cheat:AddLumber:10000000000000!!! Jeeze when will people figure out theres no friggin cheats for this game

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    Hey that AddLumber:10000000000000 doesn't work. Maybe I'll try a / before it.

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    Default Cheat Sheets

    And where would the fun be if all you have to do is type something in, and get outlandish amounts of resources? Much better to take it from an enemy, so while getting the resources, you also deny it to the enemy, no???

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    This is the best way to ask for cheat.
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    Quote Originally Posted by EVEJAS7 View Post
    This is the best way to ask for cheat.
    So what exactly are you trying to say?

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    You're a ******bag who actually believes that you can cheat at this game?
    You can't cheat at life idiot, what's the point to cheating in a game if it ruins the whole purpose of it?

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    lol no cheats for this... except one. its called "paying".
    technically, thats the closest to cheating, and even then its not.

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    internet games like evony are played by many players so there is no such cheats as they bring out the fun unlike a ps2 or xbox360 games. if you find a player saying they'd give you cheats please note this, there is no cheats and the evony staff advises you not to beleive them but to report them as they may actully be trying to steal your password.


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