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Thread: A Petition for Change

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    Seriously Milo, we should stop this. Agreed?

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    Ok think about this for a moment .... then realize how dumb this post is ..... Your offline being attacked your alliance sees this (Lets hope you have players from all over the world who play at different times) They reinforce ... BAM problem solved ... Thats why you have an alliance to watch over but also you should have a good enough defence in each city that this should not be much of a problem. I mean hey those that have 10 cities but only enough of an army to keep troops in 3 or 4 of them then those people deserve to have there cities barbed. By the way your not representing the evony community and posting like that wont get you any more leway so get over it

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    Quote Originally Posted by missirish View Post
    Check your ranks, yo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by abracax View Post
    I have 3 cities going to have 5 by next week, haven't spent a dime.

    The whole thing about the game being skewed towards defense, have you guys assualted a fortified position in real life? Have you maybe read in history books how many soldiers have defended positions such as forts or castles against how many thousands of attackers?

    The Alamo
    Defenders: 180-190
    Attackers: 8,000

    Attackers losses: 600

    Revolutionary war:
    Fort Mercer:
    Defenders: 400
    Attackers: 1200

    Attackers losses: 377 Defenders Losses: 14

    Iwo Jima
    Attackers: 70,000
    Defenders: 22,000

    Attackers losses: 26,000 defenders losses: 18,000

    A fortified position is supposed to help the defender, not the attacker.
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    Evony is a Massively Multiplayer Online Real Time Strategy game. That means because it is real time, time does not stop when you leave. Time continues ticking on with players from all across the globe enjoying the gameplay.

    Thanks for the suggestion, but at this time we are not looking at putting this on the development plan for Evony: Age I.

    And as a general suggestion, please don't post the same post across multiple forums. It's impolite.
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