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    Hello in this game that I will show you, it is dominated by easterners, arabs. We are joining this game for the purpose to put up the american flag in the top 10. Very patriotic.

    link is this

    our forums is this

    Our divisions are these:

    *Waffen SS
    *Arabic Volunteers corps
    *Juden (Jewish) Volunteers corps --> Do to high presence of Israelis in this game.
    *African Volunteer corps --> Do to medium presence of north africans.

    my msn is :
    Skype : Trainus

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    Default ummm...

    in WWII the American flag was hoisted by the allies, not the axis.

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    lol. axis lol

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    SS, Arabs and Jews fighting side by side under the American flag? wow...

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    We have arabs and jews because they dominate the game and we need the number. Also the american flag was a symbol for the west >_> cuz were all westerners.


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