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Thread: How to prevent being scouted?

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    I'm wondering if there's a way with town hall level 5 to prevent being scouted? I heard that by leaving your gates open and having enough scouts in the city it'll stop any information getting back to the scouting city? If so, how many scouts should I build up? I figure this would be a good way of scaring off attackers once beginner protection is over.


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    The answer to your question: as many scouts as you can.

    Just keep in mind that as long as people send more scouts than you have defending, they'll be able to scout your city. And, if they do successfully scout your city, your scouts will be dead (except for the ones that end up in the medic camp).

    A better defense as a new player is probably to build 1500-2000 archer towers (and some traps and abatis). You'll discourage most people from plundering you. That doesn't mean you won't be attacked, however, especially if you're in an alliance at war, or you've managed to cheese someone off.

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    30k would be gud number for beginnin. Ppl with less than 300k prestige tend to hve that number (thats what i experienced so far)

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    Look at it like this the most anyone can send is 125k so 125k +1 and you can't be scouted but realistically til you get much higher your best bet is to do as snuffy said and build up your AT's and traps and use your resources to the last drop so most people will look at you and say that is not worth fighting over
    hopeless definitely, friendless maybe,weaponless never

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    Personally, my scouts never seem to last too long. I build 200k, they're gone in about 3 days.
    Also, don't forget to open your gates if you want to stop from getting scouted.. Scouts only defend info when the gates are open.
    Have about 30k per city, it should work fine for beginners.


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