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Thread: server n1

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    Quote Originally Posted by grobular View Post
    log in to your normal account and when it redirects u and comes up with an error remove the n from the address
    thx it last...

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    yeah worked for me thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by XeroCheese View Post
    For those who believe that doesnt. That link it to server 1. Plus the server is full regardless.

    the link should say, most of us have not been able to get on and few have. What ever the problem is, Evony dev staff are either on top of the job trying to figure out whats going on or are already in process of getting this fixed.

    Be patient and we will all get on soon....I hope.
    I finally got on with the second one ...thanx dude

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    Server 1 and server N1 are the same

    I know people who used both links and are in the same server

    removing the N does work

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    Evony staff why wont you reply on this thred or are you also like us...?

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    I was logged in ok earlier but got booted.. now when i try to log in im redirected to the New Player registration ????

    It dont matter what i type in the URL as soon as i hit the login button it redirects me.
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    well after over 3 hrs i eventually got onto server N1

    i would like to express my extreme disgust in evony's support staff

    over 12hrs have passed and some people still cant get online and you lot cant even get off your lazy fat ARS*S and give people an explanation to why!

    it has been left to your game players to assist others and try and sort it out

    lets be honest could evony staff arrange a pis* up in a brewery with alchoholics?

    personally i think not!

    thankyou for all your assistance in getting me back onto the game when i needed it evony staff (not) as far as i am concerned you lot are as much use as tits on a bull

    kindest and most sincere regards


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