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Thread: server n1

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    The server is active for three of my mates but i cant login....what a ****ing shambles.

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    Wink hmmm

    for whom was tht, if specially 4 me, then I rather leave Evony forum if really some cheap/ poor & narrow minded people exists... and

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    Thumbs down It's 12:20 and server N1 is still down!

    Why do you advertise prices for the first ones to log on, if you can't get it to work on time

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    Well whatever is going on with the server we have to be patient.

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    it seems to be an asia pacific thing. pple in certain region can't login; keep us updated if any of u could plssssssssssss

    i'm going CRAZY!!!

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    Maybe it is 11:25 AM.

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    Did anyone really expect or believe this would go down without trouble? Naive. This is EVONY we're dealing with.
    Rebirth trench rat!

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    What location are you guys in? Seem Australia and India are not getting on. Half our alliance is in and the rest of us still waiting. Seems fair to offer prizes when there is 2 different times when members can log in. Should have started same time for all.

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    Default N1

    All of the servers that are linked with server N1 are down so i would guess that they are transfering their data to the new server which explains the alliences already on there.

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    Im in Netherland, It is here evening

    Can't login to


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