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Thread: Its Not Big defences but wondering

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    Default Its Not Big defences but wondering

    Hey experinced players just wondering how i can take this with the least losses as possiable its not big defences but im just wondering

    Techs: 10 Arch, 10 MT, 9 IW, 9 HR, 8 MD
    I just have started this game and only have 50k archers soo

    If you cant see Defender has 3069 AT 1733 Traps and 364 Abatis
    Warriors: 7851
    Transporters: 753
    Balistas: 1116

    Thanks so much for helping Please post on how i can take this
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    Wouldn't take much, maybe 40-50k archers (assuming your techs are similar). Also, don't forget to rainbow .


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