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Thread: How many Warriors does it take to succsesfully attack a level ...?

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    prestige is useless

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    gimme a break you need 50 warriors for a lvl 1 valley ... 1200 warriors for an npc

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    I would use archers other than warriors

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    This is wrong... followed these numbers and lost every single troop.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FatZero View Post
    your wrong, I attack level 8's with warriors all the time, and any attack hero will work, I use it to level up my politics hero.....

    attack level 8, with as little as 75,000 warriors (assuming pre buff, war techs maxed)

    great exp for a hero that cant attack a level 10
    Bingo. the people who don't understand the value of this, don't understand the value of leveling up a political hero.


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