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Thread: All together medal drop rate!

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    Quote Originally Posted by virginiakeys View Post
    Don't you think that a low drop rate is hurting evony because players get disgusted and put off and a) leave the game or b) give it a bad name by word-of-mouth?
    well yes i do. The thing is though evony doesn't care about that. They are looking at it like, ok if we make it so that people pay us to be able to get medals to promote themselves, we will be able to get them to buy other things. By keeping the rate low, they make money off of other things to. With every new promotion they can make money as well. Truly I don't see that they care too much. I saw mails the other week about how they have a million people signed up for something. This would really help them. As long as they make money they don't care so much now how many people they loose. They don't care about in-actives since they keep the cities up. We have to destroy them. You can see people having millions of prestige and have 10 cities, so either those people bought or got a break. Lastly until they are in desperate need of people they won't change it, since they will make money. A rep and mod both said something like this on a different thread like this. I would love a higher rate, but know that it may not happen soon.

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    Free online game? :lol:

    I suggest "limited" free online game.


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