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Thread: All together medal drop rate!

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    Exactly! If they made this game more friendly for no-paying people then they will get hooked. Then more than likely they will want to pay for something.

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    its now been 3 weeks since my last Rose medal.... perhaps 5000 attacks, all 3 cities fully built. Need 3 more Roses to get another city.... I think I have more chance of getting them through the wheel than through attacks. (server 45). Its silly, I'm close to giving up as a resuly

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    yea, the drop rates are semi-fine on my server, but i got most of my medals for advancement from the wheel. i was only able to get baronet because i won 100 cents one week, and then 300 cents a couple weeks later. i do get medals every so often, like randomly ill get 1-3 rose medals within a couple of minutes, and then i dont see any more for another week :/
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    3 rose medals at knight and need 2 more for Major status... than baronet.

    don't farm valleys anymore, gave up after doing 150 attacks on lvl2-4 valleys (lots of lakes/swamps I think I heard had high drop rate) and only got 1 cross medal.

    Sincerely mods and the creators of this game, I would love to see the droprate increased but if it doesn't happen, I'm happy with 2 cities as it is, and I'm super happy to be playing one of the best games I've ever played except this no speed up for 2:05 lvl4 sawmill does bug me LOL

    Thanks for creating an amazing game and keep up the excellent work

    it's cool cause friend of mine just started and will make Major after BP is over


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    medal drop rates are insanely low on server 70...i haven't gotten a medal in 9 days of very active, continuous fighting. I'm talking 1000+ attacks here, against valleys npc's and real players. I only got a medal from the wheel yesterday.
    We're not talking about raising it to many percents or so...but the drop rate should be more than one in a thousand. more like on or two in a hundred.

    The mood amongst players is that they are NOT gonna pay for this game if the drop rate isn't changed to something less idiotic.

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    The drop rate at least on the server i'm on is basically 0. I have only talked to 2 people who have actually gotten a medal from attacking. It is completely ridiculous and something needs to be done about it!

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    I gave up playing the game for about 2 weeks after finding it impossible to get enough rose medals to build my third city and having my first two cities on such a high level that there was nothing to do for days at a time anyway apart from attacking valleys in vain hope of getting a medal. After 2 weeks I came back to the new server structure and won 100 cents which I used to buy a medal box and advance to Baronet. Now i'm starting to get bored again after hundreds of attacks and only one cross medal :-(

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    Yeah. Maybe I am not the ideal customer, because I was enticed to play by the "free forever" slogan, and I have moral issues about paying for something I was offered for free. Nevertheless, I am becoming quite the powerful player without paying, but a powerful player with 2 cities, whose hopes are all tied to the amulet spins. The medal drop rate is so low that I have given up on ever finding a medal from a valley, in spite of having conquered and abandoned literally hundreds. There should be some realistic way for free players to get rank and title beyond knight, or else it becomes a simple equation of the more you pay, the more you win. That is a bit unbalanced. I don't mind that people who pay to support the game have it a little easier, but at the same time, some number of hours of game play should be able to make up for the benefit you get from spending 5 or 10 dollars..... otherwise, the wealthy win. Every time.

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    YEA I AGREE! Lets keep this Thread alive TILL the Drop rate is UP!!!!! And if they delete it we JUST make a new THREAD!!!

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    Medals are not the only way for the evony team to earn a buck. Teleporters, mich scripts, dynamite, war ensigns... Way more important and way more repeat customers in the long run.

    In conquering a lvl 10 npc recently i earned 8 medals, 5 justice and 3 nation.... what am i supposed to do with those with no honor medals to get past baron?

    It's not that there's no drops, it's just that the ratio is way skewed in the wrong direction... smaller lvl drops should be MORE common than higher lvl drops no?


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