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    Can you explain why my informatics at lvl6 provided more information when first purchased & then no information when scouting the same areas later?

    Also when I then went ahead & purchased informatics lvl7 I received no extra information on scouting those same areas?

    Is there a lag in providing informatics once it has been upgraded?
    And does it run out of scouting ability after a certain number of scouts?

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    Are you scouting npc things or human things? If it's npc then their level has probably gone up, if it's human things then they have probably out researched you.

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    It is possible that other people have increased there tech level and it is also possible that when UGME updated things inthe patch that they made scouting more difficult. I suggest upgrading your beacon tower.

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    Default Informatics

    It is highly probable that the opponent I'm scouting has higher Informatics.
    But when I originally scouted his territories I was provided with info.
    Now I am not. Perhaps he has upgraded his Informatics?

    Thanks for the feedback though, I'll have to make further investments in Informatics & Tower.

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    Yes possibly so.

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    Scouting requires too things. Informatics, and number of scouts. When you scout, your informatics level and number of scouts is compared to the defenders informatics and number of scouts. The more you out pace him, the better the information.


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