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Thread: Can't Transport without it getting plundered.

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    Angry Can't Transport without it getting plundered.

    This is seriously starting to **** me off in a major way. I move to an older server, 37 to play with some friends of mine who are higher prestige than me. I'm like 150k, they are all 600K+ or larger. I make a lumber city and cant even help out my alliance with reinforcements or transports, they get plundered 80% of the time. I even sent 80k warriors with 1000 transports and I lose HALF MY TROOPS AND RESOURCES , 80% of the time . I know I'm probably not the first nor the last person to be seriously ****ed off about this. The question I got is what frame of mind are the evony staff to implement something like this? Are they trying to run people away? I swear I will not buy one single game cent, ever unless they fix this back to the way it was, which was transports being plundered very rarely at best. The logic that someone lower prestige shouldn't be aiding someone higher is not even logic, its retarded thinking. Anyone who says that obviously doesn't know the game.

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    Honestly I don't know the game and still pondering over the idea of transporting .. *lol*
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    I play on another server and I don't think this has ever happened to me yet but I have heard that you cannot transport to someone with higher prestige without losing some of it.... Try to transport to someone with lower prestige than you and see what happens....

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    You must send your workers with troops or they will be plundered, I send 10% of troops, so if you send 800 workers, send 80 troops with them.

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    They don't want higher prestige players extorting the smaller players , my only suggestion is to try using cavalry to transport that's what I do and I never get plundered
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    I would like to understand their logic behind this. Prestige really doesn't factor in that much on how good someone is or how strong of a player they are, I have known people 1 mil + prestige to drop alliance and rejoin and take prestige cuts all the way down to 150k or less just to get people to bring some action to their walls. You can be 3-500k or more and be built like a doll house, I know this for a fact because I have taken 80k prestige accounts and wiped them out and plundered them. I'm just trying to make a point on how stupid this is. This is the single most retarded thing I have seen in a game in quite some time. I mean wtf? I hear people all the time complain about medal drop rates being lowered, but its obvious they did that just to make a profit from these impulsive kids wanting their next title if they have to pay for it or not. But this makes no sense at all, if it was for profit, I understand, but in no way does something like this lead directly back to more revenue, if anything its gonna run people out of the game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grimrod View Post
    They don't want higher prestige players extorting the smaller players , my only suggestion is to try using cavalry to transport that's what I do and I never get plundered
    Are you freaking serious? Extort smaller players? That is a retarded reason for a retarded game mechanic. Ok, how about this? Why not just plunder and destroy smaller players for their resources? Why extort them? That is no fun. I have never once said to any player, send me resources or die. I just plunder them if they have enough to be worth my time.

    All I am looking for is a logical reason for this, not a retarded one.

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    I agree that this mechanic is poorly implemented. I sort of understand the extortion logic but don't really agree with it. What I want to know is what the plunder chance is and how adding troops may or may not help it. I don't see any reason that the percentages could not be more transparent. I want to know what's at risk when trying to send, not be (unpleasantly) surprised by the result.
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    I always 'reinforce' instead of transport, when giving to peeps of significantly lesser prestige. When the good get there, and they always seem to with 'reinforce', then I recall. When I've used transport... yep, resources and troops disappear.

    As for prestige not meaning much... true to an extent... too many peeps killing bunches of warriors to artificially boost their prestige, but... how many alliances in the top 10 don't quote a prestige requirement? :P

    I don't mind taking in peeps who don't know much, as long as they've shown aptitude, but at least a prestige marker can give you an idea of activity level, which seems to be the critical factor in this game.

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    Adding troops doesn't seem to help it any, I know someone 400k that shipped to someone 1.2 mil prestige and has the same problem of getting plundered every time, except in his case he sent 95k archers with 5000 transports as a reinforce and lost half of of the troops and resources. If they are gonna do that, at least let their be a battle of some sort, kinda like attacking a valley, random groups of barbarians that you can win against if you send enough troops with the transport. At least put some sorta logic behind it, instead of it being an absolute certainty that you will lose a good bit of anything you ship/reinforce to someone higher prestige than you.

    Oh and reinforce also gets plundered at the same rate as transport does for me, I have already tried that. Even if I reinforce and don't send any resources. Its easy for someone a lot lower prestige to have a larger army than someone higher than them. Or maybe the person higher just got attacked and lost lots of troops and the lower prestige alliance member can reinforce him enough to fend off the next attack incoming, but not if the reinforce gets plundered 80% of the time. Evony really needs to re-think their position on this.
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