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Thread: Medal drop

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    Default Medal drop

    there is no medal drop.

    This thread isnt for whinging about no medals it is to report any medal dropsyou get from the valleys.

    After a week I will approach evony manamgement with the results of this survey to show them what is going wrong with their game.

    There are 80K players on the server at the moment, not all are active so dont state the bleeding obvious, but out of 80,000 people supposedly looking for medals we should find one or two in a week.

    If there are rose medals being found - wonderful, if there aren't how does evony expect its players to fulfill the advertising blitz about being able to advance to princzessien? especially when they claim to be a free game for all.

    To start the ball rolling I have not found a rose medal in a valley since may and that is playing on four servers.

    So come on folks on 79 tell us of your VALLEY (not NPC) medal finds

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    meant to say -please evony staff - dont try and clsoe this thread as you have so many others that complain about the absolute lack of rose medals being dropped

    evony staff please take not e of the number of medals reported here

    the top 20 alliances will be advised of this thread and it will be mentioned on world chat so there will be good statistical coverage.

    maybe the evony staff could assist by advising all members through a mail out of this thread - so that the developers can see how much has gone wrong with the game

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    Default Medal Drops

    I have been attacking, abandoning and re-attacking valleys over and over again! each time I abandon the valley wait 1 to 2 hours then re-attack and I have yet to win one medal! Let me say that again Not 1 medal! I have gained and lost honor and plundered many, many resources. According to all the info I could find, I.E. the forums and Hods website there should be a much higher % of drops. I would like to know what the % is.

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    the forums and hods web site have been blocked from updating their data - there are no medals in valleys

    as i said earlier I havent had a medal since may from a valley. 200 attacks a day until i gave up.

    free game for everyone who can afford to pay for it

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    I'm afraid I haven't screenshotted it, but I found a rose medal in a valley 2 days after I got out of beginner (last friday), didn't know that it was such a big deal till I mentioned it in ally chat. Want to slap myself now for not making a screenie of it. It was a level 2 or 3 lake as far as I can remember, hope this helps your survey!

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    Red face rose medals

    first week playing i got 1 rose

    4 weeks later finally after a lot of attacks i got 5 five rose medals in a week!!!

    now my luck? has changedfor the worst and i have no rose or lion so far.

    by the way so far no problem with other medals

    i fight and conquer al day long and get so far +/- 1 medal a day

    But as i mentioned i conquer valley, swamp, flat, ... all day long

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    My alliance has been talking about this..there are several of us plundering valleys constantly. One person has won 2 rose medals..the rest have gotten nothing.

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    pretty similer to sofakings story 1 drop for the whole alliance. But we now have a theory on it the one medal drop was by accident and the battle was pretty close (he lost 75% of his army. Maybe that has something to do with it. It was a lion medal on a lv 7 valley.

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    I know of an alliance mate that he got a rose, but for me it's nope, nada, zero...
    Have been attacking NPC's and conquering valleys.

    I really hope that I get some too, because I don't want to get whacked by someone who paid for their medals.

    Won't get whacked that easily btw....

    Happy huntings!

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    Default Medals

    A few medals have dropped for me from level 4 flats sending waves of attacks, the speculation of intellect effecting medal drops thus far seems true as my highest intellect hero has gotten both of those medal drops with a intellect of 82, the two medals I got were 1 rose and one nation and within about 30 mins of each other.

    thats all I know so far.

    I forgot to mention, as my attacks went through I would space them about 10 seconds apart and be ready in my overview screen to abandon as quickly as possible each time 9 attacks in a minute and a half is working out for me.
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