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Thread: LOG IN OR NAME ISSUES POST HERE: Do not create new topic

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    I got the same problem

    blk_plague on server 1

    Dunno if this related to new pres cap coz I have 1M+ pres with low rank

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    Server 23 had no problems.. but server 63 did.

    Both are roughly the same name.

    Server 23: Psychotic
    Server 63: PsychoFrog

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    they'll fix it soon
    if they leave it too long, people will get hooked on a new browser game

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    i got 554k prestige with title : General and rank is (hold up to 7cities)

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    maybe should compensate us? due to our lost my

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    I don't think it's about the prestige cap. I have 400k prestige and I am General and Furstin. I mean, how much should we have?

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    Definitely not a prestige cap. I'm at 260k prestige and general/Marquis

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    think should not be that problem.. lets wait and see

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    Default Can't get in

    Me too

    Server 26 - In game name is Boobwatch which might be considered inappropriate by some but going by the other posts it seems that this is just another stuffed up attempt at censorship by the developers.

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    i tried to change my name but it wont accept anything, even random letters wont do it!

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