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Thread: LOG IN OR NAME ISSUES POST HERE: Do not create new topic

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    Default Me too

    Cant log in!!! After dl and the clock is rolling forever...

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    Default Again?!?!!!

    Well here we go again, server 27 down somemore, I get it it's free and all but it's anoying, owell I'm gunno go check out DDO

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    omg clock rolling forever? like the previous time? NONO!!!! my troops will be gone by then

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    Server 65 is down also time to play some where else

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    ok, i will wait and see

    I will play my dino rpg for awhile.

    I 'm also looking forward for compensation package

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    Angry Server Bug

    Same with me Jengel, on server59. The message must be in error for another reason. I've been waiting 8 hrs to get back on, and I'm still stuck outside.

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    argee with blackplague because our army will die for nothing if you dont get 1

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jengel View Post
    I've been waiting 8 hrs to get back on, and I'm still stuck outside.
    8hours ?!??

    cant get in server 49... reset happened 15 minutes ago...
    hope i dont have to wait 8hours

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    server 57 is having the same problems...

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    8hours?!?!?! LOLS then my troops gotta die till.......
    btw rate this post? 1star-5stars? tyty

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