Please keep the following in mind when posting in the PC/Games forum:

This forum is NOT for talking about Evony. If you want to talk about Evony then General Discussion is the place for you.

People tend to have strong opinions about video games, game systems and game companies. As a result discussions about such topics tend to get heated and intense. There is nothing wrong with debating the merits or faults of a game/system/company as long as you ATTACK THE OPINION NOT THE PERSON WHO HOLDS IT. If someone likes something you don't feel free to say so but do not flame, attack or otherwise harass anyone for their opinion.

It doesn't matter if you are personally profiting from the link or not. The only type of link that is allowed currently will be on topic video links as long as the video is safe for work. Example: A YouTube video review of the new Halo game that doesn't contain swearing or offensive material.

And as always you are encouraged to read the Forum Rules before posting anywhere.

Enjoy the forum!