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Thread: "The Story" [RP]

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    Default "The Story" [RP]

    It's time to try something new... This will begin as a standard rp: you will makw charecters, state their personality, etc. It will soon develop into a story tho. Your charecter will become a charecter in s story that will write and you will dictate by voting for what happens next. I hope this works...

    Name: (Legit sounding please)
    Race: (Any race from any time, fantasy or real)
    Bio/History: (Where you came from)
    Aspirations: (What you want to acomplish)

    There is no set time or place. It will be determined by the players as the story develops.

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    Name: Halgar Beorfain
    Race: Dwarf
    History: Camed from the Dwarf capital, Halls of Mangrald, he was raised in a wealthy family of royals close to the King, Mangrald the 73. Halgar was teached the sacred rules of a warrior, so that he could be one of the Royal Ironaxes.
    Aspirations: Want to kill a dragon so that he can become a Royal Ironaxe.


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