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Thread: explaine this lame A** Junk

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    Default explaine this lame A** Junk
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    Cavalry start in your face in a valley. You would have targeted the archers first round while cavalry hit you, then in the 2nd round you were fighting the cavalry at 1/4 damage from a range penalty. Probably switched between pike/cavalry while getting wrecked by everyone.

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    if u would have thrown 1 sword, 1 scout and 1 pike u would have won.
    and lol owned, try scoutting next time

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    Blah blah blah we've seen this 80 million times.

    Cav immediately attack your most expensive group of units (archers in this case). The archers are busy with the enemy archers, then the cav, then enemy foot troops. By the time they get around to the foot troops, the cav have completely destroyed most of your archers and the rest of the foot troops just clean up.
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