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Thread: Gold Record

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    Quote Originally Posted by spooner1 View Post
    WINNNNNNN (P.S. Your coords are showing there, lol)
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    Yes, gold is not much useful other then it helps u heal troops. But since your a top 10 player, i doubt anyone would come and clean you out and resources on that server 168 is also pretty useless too then because you would be constantly farming 10's 24/7, with your big army and can recover whatever resources u sold.... and prestige has some value in age 1, or else age 2 would be 2M prestige with 0 troops nice job bud
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    Quote Originally Posted by xizer View Post
    Its FAKE You CANT have 200 billion gold whit only 400K prestige, Nice try.. If you going to do this again i give you a tip: Make your prestige higher.
    I have an account on ss67 under 500k prestige with 1.7tril gold and 500bil food lol. That's nothing!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MegaMax View Post
    Q.jpg Check this out
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    No, I am probably not from your server. Yes, I do feel I can comment in your forum. And yes, I do think flaming on the internet is hilarious to watch. Nor do I require an avatar.

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    Lol, there's no true gold cap or gold record. Back on the 170s or 180s servers, MP got hacked or bugged, everything was 99,999.

    I had multiple accounts with well over 1,000t gold (dunno whats after t so) but they all got gold reset down to 30b when evony fixed it

    BUT, i did have a acct with 700t food, 5t everything else, and 60t gold from that bug, with only 5k prestige Would still have it to this day if i logged it occassionally lel

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    Also, can't lose prestige by dropping alliance, or losing on defense.

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    Quote Originally Posted by schreiben View Post
    Also, can't lose prestige by dropping alliance, or losing on defense.
    Not now, but you used to.

    Notice when this thread was posted.

    Notice the last reply date before yours.

    Now realise that you're posting in an 8 year old thread with the last reply being 2 years ago.

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    And is there a point to all that gold? If I just sell my food (all of it), I can raise 100billion.


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