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Thread: *Older Servers* Honor Medal Tip

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    Default *Older Servers* Honor Medal Tip

    Looking to get up to the Viscount/General ranking? Need those 15 honor medals?

    For me (I'm on Server 3) this trick worked wonders for me. I got all 15 medals in a span of about a week and a half+.

    Attack level 1 barbarian w/800-2000 warriors

    See proof of result: (note: this doesn't happen every time)
    The less the better chances of medal drops. Attacking the same one twice, or even the next day often doesn't work. The higher level the hero, the fewer casualties. You'll usually use 500k+ depending on classes/hero when attaching with 1000, and more the less you use.

    Attack level 2 barbarian 2/1000-3000 warriors

    See proof of result:
    The less you attack with, the better chances of medal drops. Same as above, don't attack the same twice or even the next day or two days later - you won't usually get one! You'll loose about half of them each time.

    I also got a lot of lion and courage medals, which might help you along the way, might not.

    Usually by the time you're seeking the viscount ranking, they're pretty useless.

    Hope this helps!
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    Hey, not bad... there a lot of wanna be medal guides out there but i think this one will work! now its just time for me to try out this strategy for myself!
    ...but then again the whole thing, dont attack for the next two days is kinda strange.
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    Quote Originally Posted by captian virk View Post
    Hey, not bad... there a lot of wanna be medal guides out there but i think this one will work! now its just time for me to try out this strategy for myself!
    ...but then again the whole thing, dont attack for the next two days is kinda strange.
    Dispatched sacrificial meat shields to a lvl 2 and lvl 1 on 76. Let's find out if it's any good on that server .

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    hey looks cool... how effective is it?

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    hey i ll try any thing the way the drop rates are on these newer servers lol!!!

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    Attempted two attacks tonight, lost 1000 of 2000 troops on a level 2 NPC, no medal and lost 700 of 1000 troops on a level 1 NPC, no medal, 135 attack hero with level 10 techs as well.

    Ah well, next guide! xx

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    I think they've got it where it is completely random - 1% chance. Let's face it - they are in this to make money. And medal boxes are certainly easier than putting together thousands upon thousands of attacks. I would be delighted to be proven wrong, however.
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    I've found that the only way to get the honor medals on any server (especially the new ones) is bulk attacks and there is no "magic formula".

    On the older servers I tend to pull honor medals roughly every 25 attacks, give or take. I use strickly ballistas with 0 losses being led by whatever hero isn't already marching. It's pretty clock-work and I've never had to try very hard to get one (usually no more than 2 hours between honor medals).

    For the newer servers, using any troops on level 1-4 NPCs, I nab an honor medal roughly every 120 attacks (And yes, I do keep track). I've gone on huge droughts of over 400 attacks without seeing a single medal, and I've gotten extremely lucky with 4 honors in a 2 hour period (I was happy as a clam... whatever that means).

    So far, I've chain farmed my way up to Marquis on 2 different servers (an old server and a new one) and I will confirm that the newer servers take a LOT more time. On server 4 it took me maybe 2 weeks of modest farming to gather all the honor medals I needed. On server 33 it took over a month of extreme farming to gather the honor medals, so there is a calcuable difference. I'll be starting with server 78 soon, as I've heard that the medal drops there are even worse.

    For the older server, total attacks to get all Honor medals was 672.

    For the newer server it took me 2,487 attacks to gather all the honor medals. Farming of each barbarian city for either server was done at 1 hour intervals in order to allow the troops in the city to reach full again (this requires a lot of NPC cities to keep constant attacks going). No pattern emerged regarding to any of my heroes' stats, in fact the hero with the lowest int pulled in the most medals at a total of 3.

    The usual case in the new server was that in 5 hours of continual farming, I would see 1 honor medal. Occasionally I wouldn't see any, and rarely I would get 2. All attacks were spread out over a period of 35 days (some days had no attacks, or food farming only due to work or other RL things). On an average night, 5 hours of farming would be roughly 100-130 attacks.

    I have some theories on why the drop rates are horrible on the newer servers... but as there are already more than enough theories, I'll keep them to myself.
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    This is entirely speculative.
    Want my guide for Lion Medals?
    Attack with heroes with 100+ attack and use 100k archers. My proof of this theory is that it happened to me:

    Or...the medals aren't affected by that and they jus' drop when they feel like it, regardless of what we send... make up your own mind.

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