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Thread: Evony not working?

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    same problem with me on server 5 right now I have tried all suggestions in this thread i was logged in playing 3 houes ago

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    Default Same issues with clarifications

    Ok, short version is this. 3 computers

    Home PC, played this morning no problem, closed browser before leaving for work

    Work PC, Played THROUGH the transition with no issues

    Home PC, Now gets the Brown screen of "Done"

    Home Laptop, loaded for the first time to Evony with ZERO issues

    Done the clear cache, done the history destruction and all the other things suggested including sacrificing a hamster (stuffed for just such an occasion) and the dern thing will NOT load on my PC

    W. T. Freakaziod?

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    same problem..server 5 and i cant log in..get the same brown tax is at 100% also..hope this gets fixed soon..

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    Wow... Now it won't even log into Snake_Eye ..... I had to make a new account just to post oh my god?

    It says incorrect password or username. So i click fogort password to get an e-mail containing the info to change my password.

    And the e-mail doesn't come through -.- I tried it 4 times....

    Can i have my account back please? MSN: (This is also the E-mail i used in the register) -.-

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    same issue here

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    I am on server 4 and can not get it to load. anyone got any ideas? I am so addicted to this game I am suffering major withdrawls.

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    server 4 same issue. clearing did NOT fix. Restart did not fix

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    Did you hit ctrl + f5 ? when u get the brown screen, also remove the s.html as thats the saved information bit.

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    Thumbs down Me too...

    ...cleared cache, history, etc and still get nothing but a dead brown screen that says "done".

    Hell, I even had to re-register for the forum using a different email account. It wouldn't accept the correct password for the old one and after twice requesting that they email it to me, I waited for a half hour with no response.

    I'm about ready to walk away from this game.

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    Gazza Mines wrking now i think, Thanks.

    But can i have my forums account back Q_Q

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