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Thread: attack a city with a close gate

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    Talking attack a city with a close gate

    when we attack a city with the gate close...

    how do we open it up??

    i have attack it with ram and cata..

    but still cant get it in...

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    This should be in H&Q.

    You pretty much jus' win.

    If you really want to kill all the troops inside then spam the loyalty down to 5 and the gates auto open.

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    The gate stays shut the whole time and no troops are released.

    So you can keep on taking resources and lowering loyalty,
    but when the loyalty reaches 5 the gates fly open and the troops charge onto your unsuspecting troops ready to protect there ruined resourceless town.

    So if you wanna take it keep lowering loyalty, if you just want resources stop before 5!



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