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    Okay i know this has been explained several times bt .

    I have many people bugging me about BoB . That is why i am using a annonymous name because i am speeking for my M8s.

    Okay they said ....

    1) Why is BoB formed it is basiccly for the protection isnt it ?

    2) BoB hide behind eachother and ruin players lives on Evony.

    3) When will BoB actually disband .

    Please Can u awnser all these Questions

    Read =D

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    ANOTHER post about BOB? shesh cant you guys just shut up and fight already?

    Ness - P5OT

    Quote Originally Posted by Emcee21
    you should quit pretending you're a hater and join P5 already.

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    1. BoB was formed (at the time) because there were powerful alliances on the server in it's infancy stage that needed to be dealt with by people of similar principles.

    2. Players from all alliances have "ruined players Evony lives" from the conception of Evony. Its not BoB... its the nature of the game.

    3. BoB ain't goin nowhere anytime soon.

    Why not post under your real name? scurred?


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    BoB is an alliance formed in part for mutual protection against other aggressive alliances but also with the goal of "winning" server one. The core members of BoB are Karnage, P5OT and 1984, and their various subsidiary alliances.

    They (and their leaders in particular) have invested a lot of time in the game and are very powerful -- in skill/knowledge, in personal assets (heroes, armies, cities) and perhaps most of all in the many players that follow them.

    The complaints about ruining the game come in a few forms. Ultimately they boil down to BoB having done a good job of what they set out to do and having a pretty ruthless approach to doing so.

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    Well said..

    Dont think the goal from the get go was to win the server. Not sure however.

    One can understand why BoB wouldnt want to hand over the power gained. All alliances wants the power to protect its members and help them grow.

    With the many red coming out saying how much they are enjoying the war and the BoBians enjoying it just as much I think BoB reached one goal atleast.

    The people fighting BoB say they want BoB to disband. Disbanding friendship is hard. Alot of alliances out there declare together and are allies one way or another.

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    "The people fighting BoB say they want BoB to disband."

    Not all of us necessarily want you to disband, Borgia. However, Human nature always works in cycles.... So it is probably inevitable. As much of BoB loves each other, and have fought side by side for so long, you'll stay together for a long time. But even the perfect empire (Rome) fell to itself over time. I'm not saying the time is now or even anytime in the near future... but it won't last forever. Hell the game was just released months ago. The people and alliances have turned over so drastically in this short time, already. What ya'll have done to keep together for this amount of time is Legendary and will be so for the remainder of the server life.



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    Holy Crap O.O there is a BoB out there? i thought i was fighting haters that hated random people, was wondering at the huge amounts of haters for a while


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    Quote Originally Posted by read View Post
    1) Why is BoB formed it is basiccly for the protection isnt it ?
    To fight and win wars. 2 alliances are stronger than 1, and so on.

    Quote Originally Posted by read View Post
    2) BoB hide behind eachother and ruin players lives on Evony.
    BoB is the most aggressive coalition to have ever existed on Server 1. Anyone who joins BoB to hide or to avoid conflict will be disappointed with their choice. That said, being on the side of BoB is probably safer than not, depending on what part of the map you're in.

    With regard to "ruining players' lives"...give me a break. The game is designed with built-in conflicts of interest, which is great, because it would be even more pointless otherwise. If you're unhappy with your situation, fight/port/bargain your way out of it, or quit - but don't cry about it on the forums (especially not anonymously). You aren't oppressed, you're just losing.

    Quote Originally Posted by read View Post
    3) When will BoB actually disband .
    When they feel like it.

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    the sad part is .. if bob was to disband what then just another bob with another name c mon guys even the little ones there fite together .. we all have friends in diff allinaces its human nature to want to win... so why not work as a team and accomplish that bob is a well oiled precision fiting machine that adapts easily to the conditions surrounding it .. if all you whiners out there spent more time working with each other maybe just maybe you mite be a little more comp. and have more fun instead of bob bashing and whining this is a WAR GAME remeber go back to nursery school and maybe someone ther may change your crappy diapers

    westrey Karnage

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    No, there doesn't have to be a BoB westrey.


    " To decide against your convictions is to be an unqualified and inexcusable traitor, both to yourself and to your country. " - S.C.

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    And for the record....i lost to a level 1 npc today....multiple people can verify...


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