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Thread: Guide to Wall Defences

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    Default Guide to Wall Defences

    Guide to Wall Defences

    This is a very basic guide for new players about wall defences. There is no new information for the more experienced players but it might be of some help to the beginner.
    I am not going to try to suggest actual numbers, rather give a broader description of each type and some of the pros and cons.


    The most basic defence, it is a single use device that works only against infantry units,
    being workers, warriors, pike-men, swordsmen, archers, cavalry and cataphracts. They have no affect against siege equipment.
    Traps can sometimes be disarmed, so not all traps will result in a kill.
    They are cheap to build and replace but offer very little, other than the fact that they extend the range of battle to 5000.


    These are supposed to slow down the movement of attacking units but this has yet to be proven.
    They will kill cavalry and cataphracts and this will make it worth having some around.
    Abatis can only be destroyed by cavalry and cataphracts. The main reason to have a large number of abatis
    is to make an enemy think twice about sending waves of cavalry to drop the loyalty of your city, as they will
    take losses until the abatis are cleared. This may be enough to save your city, or give your alliance time to reinforce you.

    Archer Tower

    These are the most popular wall defence, mainly because they will fire every round until they are destroyed.
    As a ranged unit, they also receive a range bonus of 4.5% for every level of wall. Base range is 1300 so range on a level 10 wall is 1885.

    Rolling Log

    These are very expensive to build and are a single use defence.
    They will do a fair amount of damage but that must be balanced against the build cost.
    Because they require mostly timber to build, players tend to prefer archer towers.

    Defensive Trebuchet

    Another single use defence that also has a misleading description. Although the description states that they will
    fire upon enemy siege equipment, it is well known that they can be triggered by any unit, including warriors.
    They are a ranged unit with a base range of 5000. Most players will not build many of these, preferring
    to use the spaces to build extra archer towers. Recent tests have shown that they do not receive the range bonus
    from walls, even though they are a ranged unit, so this counts against them as well.

    Demolishing Wall Defences

    If you decide that the current mix of wall defences could be improved, but you have no spaces available, there is a way
    to demolish some of the defences that you have in place, to make room for new ones. If you look at the pictures of the
    different types of wall defences you can see a red circle with a line through it. If you click on that, you will have the option
    to demolish some or all those type of defence. The defences will demolish instantly and you will receive a small percentage
    of the resources back. This allows the new player to make adjustments as needed to find the best mix.



    Every single upgrade enhances endurance of walls and defensive units by 10%


    Every single upgrade enhances repairable rate of defensive units by 100%
    (This sounds better than it actually is. The base repairable rate is very low so every upgrade is actually only a couple of percent more.
    This is also a variable number so if level 10 repairable rate is 30%, you might get anywhere between 3% to 30% repaired.)

    Wall Level

    I am going to include this here as it is similar to research in that every single upgrade to wall level will add 4.5% to ranged units.
    This also includes ranged units in your army such as archers and catapults and compounds with archery research upgrades.

    Compact Defence

    I have decided to edit this in to this guide as it offers an alternative to relying on massed archers behind the normal defences. A compact defence has no traps and no abatis. Usually it will have all archer towers as wall defences but the thing that makes it work is the layering of troops within the city, being massive amounts of swordsmen, large numbers of warriors and pikes and a smaller number of archers than normal. By removing the range, attackers come close enough to be attacked by archer towers and archers in the first round but they tend to target the mellee troops (swordsmen, warriors, pikemen) first. This lets the ranged units destroy large numbers whithout taking damage.

    If you wish to learn more about compact defence, read this thread:


    Archer towers will always be a favourite defence, simply because they are the only multiple shot defence.
    Traps and abatis help to extend the range of battle, so there should always be some of each and I believe it's better
    to have a decent number so that some will be repaired in time for a second round of battle.
    Rolling logs can do a fair amount of damage but because they are very expensive to build and are only single use, it
    is questionable if they are worth building at all.
    Defensive Trebuchet might serve some purpose and because they require mostly stone to build are not such a burden at later stages.

    The best defence has always been a combination of wall defences, high level walls and a large army with open gates.
    To open your gates to fight, click on the rally point and then click on the check box.
    There may be a small amount of debate over numbers but it's generally agreed that archer towers give the best return
    for build cost.
    I should also mention here that having a good alliance that is prepared to send reinforcements when needed
    is also a very important part of a good over-all defence. If you are in an alliance it pays to have your embassy open to allow
    troops of an allied member to garrison your city. You can do this by clicking on your embassy and clicking on the check box.
    Also, I personally like to have a certain number of catapults in each city, specifically for defence, just to add another layer.
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    That's a nice guide! Thanks!
    Tom Cattt

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    Nice guide man it explains every unit in detail and I love it!

    Thank you captian Virk!

    Retired player of Evony.
    +Rep me if I helped

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    anyone who can read in-game wud get this, a better guide would be:

    Get lvl 10 walls Make 18k ATs make 100 abatis and the rest traps...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pwadyal View Post
    anyone who can read in-game wud get this
    You'd be surprised how many people can read but still come to the forums askin' how things work even in their simplest forms.

    And this isn't meant to be a be all and end all guide to the best defence, jus' to give a more detailed overview of the defensive system for new players.

    And for the record, I'd have as many traps as abati...and I'd have at least 1k of each.

    Quote Originally Posted by Pwadyal View Post
    Get lvl 10 walls Make 18k ATs make 100 abatis and the rest traps...

    Quote Originally Posted by Satan
    I said before I need to be in the top 100 players or else I won't be able to defend myself.
    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Ken Deathmarr View Post
    You know, I don't understand your post sometimes ok? So I take it as a mean threat.

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    Personally, i think AT's are the most useful things. I like maxing my walls out with them with only 2 traps and 1 of everything else.

    This is because 100 traps won't really do much. Abatis only kill Calvary / Cataphracts. Rolling logs are extremely expensive and die easily. And Defensive Trebuchet's you have to build after 1 shot of it being fired. AT's can kill everything and can only be killed and do not just run out like DT's.

    That may of changed your personal opinion it also may of helped some newer players to think about there defense and not max it out with traps.

    It is a very nice guide though + rep



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    Traps are not only triggered by infantry, cavalry and cataphracts can trigger traps as well

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    Mate, great guide...

    One question though... How did you find out that walls give 4.5% bonus to range? Because it makes a LOT of sense!!!
    But I can't find it anywhere! O_o

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    Quote Originally Posted by tivie View Post
    Mate, great guide...

    One question though... How did you find out that walls give 4.5% bonus to range? Because it makes a LOT of sense!!!
    But I can't find it anywhere! O_o
    I owe DarkBrady thanks for that as he mentioned it, after doing the research, in his guide to combat mechanics.

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    coool guide(Y)


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