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Thread: how to use dynamite

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    Wink how to use dynamite

    How do I use Dynamite i cant destroy a storage building that i don't need could someone plz help me?

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    first, you only need dynamite if you are in a hurry.

    if you click on a building a window pops up, the one that offers to upgrade it.
    if you look at the icon there is a red circle with slash in it's lower right corner.
    clicking that will bring up a menu offering to either:
    completely demolish - boom! gone.
    or reduce it by 1 level - unbuild it over time, just like building it.
    you also recover resources from it if you reduce it over time.
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    what haiku said was right that is how you use dynamite anyway do what she said that will give u a whole lot more resources or use them for something harder to build like ur walls


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