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Thread: Call of Duty(CoD) or Halo?

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    cod in my opion is whay better then halo halo cheats me to many times

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    lol yea... i still didnt vote for some reason

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    CoD4 and MW2 are better than Halo because they're more dynamic. You have a huge variety of weapons, equipment, and perks whereas Halo only has, what, 2 weapons in each class?
    And the ranking system just partners with the limited weapons to make the game get really old really fast. My highest level is 40 in Halo and I just can't get past it. It got to a point where I didn't see point in playing anymore because I wasn't going anywhere. In CoD, you can't rank down so at least you're always working towards your goal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Whatty View Post
    I prefer the CoD games more. Modern Warfare 2 to was a huge fail in my eyes. The gameplay simply wasn't there. I prefer CoD 3 and CoD 4 as my favourites. Halo was great. I'm just simply into more.. realistic games
    I'm beginning to think that modern warfare 2 is a fail also...after some time playing the online mp...the game just does everything for you,some weapons have balance issues like akimbo 1887's,too many events are completely out of your control and can get spawn killed time and time again by air support or have an enemy spawn right behind you after you just killed him...i think IW tried to do too much with this one,back to cod4 for me.

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    HALO 3 FTW i will say MW2 is a good game but halo1 was the game that got me into the shooting games and that sir gives my vote to halo and 1 of u said something about kids playing it just kill them and tea bag them that will put them in their place:P
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    u all are idiots
    ive played cod and finished 3 4 and world at war by 1 day
    halo took me a mounth i finished halo 1 , halo 2, halo 3 , halo red vr blue , halo odst
    and i still love it
    i vote forhalo

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    Call of Duty is a better game, but Halo is Fun
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    Quote Originally Posted by wowboy View Post
    u all are idiots
    LOL r we all idiots or r u an idiot lol? that is going in my sig, CoD is killing Halo in the votes but its pretty even if u look at the posts
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    u all are idiots
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    cod in my oppinion is better. it has a much faster gameplay than halo does, mostly beccause if you are taking bullets you NEED to avoid them or you die, rather than just turn around, shoot back, and start running at them for a punch. in cod you have a knife, so instant kill (unless double helath) and cod has sprint function. i like my gameplay fast and confusing :P
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nerevar2 View Post
    Apparently COD is better because it's a "real life combat simulator", although anyone that has ever held a gun can tell you that no cross-hair pops up to help you aim, AK-47 ammo will NOT work in an M16, that shotguns have an effective range of over 90 meters not just three feet, and if you get shot you can't just avoid damage for 10 seconds and be fine.
    yeah and in halo you get cross hairs? snipers dont kill in 1 shot unless its in the head BRs dont kill in 3 bullets to the head?????? it takes 3 shots aka 9 bullets all in the face to kill talk about avoid damage go look at halo get shot go hide full health halo mulity player sucks it cant even compare to COD which is very diverse


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