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Thread: Introduce Yourself, RolePlayers!

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    Smile Introduce Yourself, RolePlayers!

    I've noticed a recent influx in RPer's who are new to the Evony forums. So I created this thread to help get aquainted with them.

    So to anyone who wants to answer, what's your RPing history? What kind of RP's do you like to play? Why do you RP? Anything else you want to add is great!

    I'll start.
    My name's Troq.
    I started roleplaying here because it was so much more entertaining than the game of Evony itself, and it's incredibly helpful towards increasing my experience as a writer. This is the first site I've ever roleplayed on. I've never actually played a civ RP, and I am an avid Dungeons and Dragons enthusiast. I enjoy RP's that allow me to play a single character with a special power or talent, because playing a normal human guy is just boring to me. RP's, and writing in general, should be a way to escape the stress and boring normalcy of everday life. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!

    G.I. Joe!
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    So what will you do when they call your name and you're not ready to go?
    Everyone will stare at you and tell you what you know
    That you're in too deep and you can't quite keep your secrets, one and all
    We might just make it after all, on our own

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