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Thread: my experience with not joioning an alliance

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    Default my experience with not joioning an alliance

    ok folks, this is a little long, but i would like to hear other ideas and critiques
    ~~~~~~~~my experience not joining an alliance~~~~~~~~~~~~

    _these are the things i have learned while growing my city while not wanting to join an alliance-

    my alliance having neighbors have been beating up on me, pushing me into joining their alliance with the "join us or die" subtext. i had been dealing with daily raids by superior armies who constantly and consistently take out some or all of my defences, then take whatever they can get their hands on, depleting my stocks in the process. my army has not yet been big enough to "open gate to fight'
    so these are the strategies i have employed in learning to successfully grow in hostile territory, without having to join an alliance for protection.

    1-wharehouses are important. i read somewhere else in these forums that warehouses are a waste of time, i couldn't disagree more. instead of spending resources on defenses that my alliance having neighbors take out daily, i build warehouses. they have been indespensible in protecting my goods from raiding plunderers to allow me to continue to grow my army and technology.

    2-turn tax rate to as low as zero as you go, (leave enough to pay your heroes).
    any gold ive get is promptly stolen by my neighbors. i come up with gold now by having high production rates and saving my resources in warehouses then when enough, i sell on market to come up w/gold for research and tech. i dont sell untill all my currents researrch projects are done, spend gold as soon as i get it. remainder of gold used to buy whatever resource i have room for in warehouse.

    3 constantly juggling warehouse percentage so all my commodities can fit.

    with these strategies in place, the plunderers are walking away empty handed, maybe 200 iron or whatever scrap i couldn't fit in warehouse, and 500 or less gold, and this is for armies of 1-2k warriors and workers 1-1.5k archers and some transports. now they have realized it isnt worth their time and are leaving me alone again. i can sit on top of 1,000,000 resources safely and not worry.

    i dont blame my neighbors for attacking me, they dont know who i am, growing up in their hood w/out declaring an allegiance. i would do the same thing. its just keeping things straight and in order. understanding this has helped me to defend and grow.

    so these are just my ideas, as coming from a 4 week old player, if everything here is redundant, i apologize, just throwing my experience out there

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    Good for you dude

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    thanks for the guide the same thing keeps happening to me
    Tom Cattt

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    well. first id just like to say warehouses are ok, but eventually someone is going to come along with max privateering and then your warehouses arent quite so fool proof.

    second, while im sure you have a valid reason for not wanting to join an alliance, i personally cant understand it. an alliance will offer you so much. from protection from others so you get attacked less to people to chat to while you play. youll be able to progress that much quicker with a decent alliance at your back and you wont have to go to such lengths just to get by.

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    your research will suffer massively if you cannot hold onto your gold, you will probably never be able to go for the high end research ones since you will be saving for too long and get raided.

    If i was you i would forget about warehouses now and concerntrate your efforts on ballista production.. soon as you get 500 of them with archery 8 and horseback 6 you can farm lvl 5 npc and then pour your gold into more research and buying resources to build your army up.

    If you can get a steady income of gold from npc farming then you can also afford to turn off all but food production when your offline. So long as they arent able to steal anything but a little food they will soon get bored..

    but enevitebly you will still lose.. if 1 guy fails to breach your army and defences he has an entire alliance to offer assistence.


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