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Thread: my experience with not joining an alliance

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    The OP is surviving and sharing his expereince in doing so. We all have different play styles and strategies we feel work best for us. The way I take his post is he uses the resources in his warehouses to build, then lets them regain when offline. That way if attacked the scavengers get very little if anything.
    I am courious to how many times have you come back to find your city rioting? Is this your only city?
    I have always been in an alliance but your post is interesting. Best of luck.

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    All the best slydell. Soon you will be stronger than many of your neighbors (and would be more knowledgeable than them). Good to see you stick it out and with a strategy (a slow one but reasonably sound one).

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    sometimes its good to join an alliance or just is its your second account no need it might fell cool to be a loner

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    join a strong alliance


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