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Thread: How to Quit Evony

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    Default How to Quit Evony

    How ot Quit Evony Without Becoming a Farm

    If you are like me and stuck on a server where inactive accounts have never been cleared, you might, like me, have had enough of this game and want out. You probably don't want your city becoming someone else's farm either. I know I don't.

    So how do you get out, without becoming a farm? There are a few things that need to be done before logging off for the last time.

    1. Get rid of all resources and gold.
    If you are in an alliance it's easy, just give everything away.
    If you aren't in an alliance you will have to do a bit more work.
    Basically train as many troops as the resources will allow and suicide them on an npc town in small groups. Use your gold to buy more resources and do the same with those resources.

    2. Halt all production.
    Just set production to 0 in your town hall.
    You will still have some gold coming in from taxes so you will also have to...

    3. Drop population to 0.
    Raise taxes to 100% and do some levying. Convert gold into resources and repeat step 2.

    4. Remove all wall defences
    You don't want anyone farming honour from your ghost town so demolish all the wall defences. Use the resources as in step 2.

    5. Abandon all valleys.
    There's no point in keeping valleys, someone else would just take them anyway.

    6. Demolish academy.
    Gets rid of any pesky production bonus.

    7. Dismiss all heroes
    This is about the final step, they would vanish on their own, but you don't want anyone else to capture them so just dismiss them before you go.

    Once you have done all this your city is producing about as much as a 0 prestige town. If you are in an alliance say your goodbyes and quit. You are now ready to walk away. It's up to you if you want to tell Evony LLC through these forums. It might have some affect, but I doubt it. If I have missed anything important, please post it on this thread.

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    That's when it's time to move on to the next server

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    No point. All the new servers end up the same. I own Sim City, I wanted to play a war game. I can't even build a decent army because I cant produce enough food from my one town and the inactives around me are a waste of time raiding. I can't move anywhere because the whole server is the same. This game has become an exercise in futility.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RennStimpy View Post
    This game has become an exercise in futility.

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    Why bother? If you're leaving the game for good just leave. Doing all that extra stuff just to be spiteful is rather pointless in the long run and only serves to demean yourself by being petty.

    Seriously, if you're leaving for good what does it matter if somebody farms your towns or finds them unfarmable? Either way it doesn't really effect your life anymore.

    But if being spiteful and leaving the game as a poor sport is the point, then you did miss one thing:

    You should abandon all but your final city, and make sure the only city you leave is the worst one you own, that way people won't capture your good cities with the level 10 buildings.

    In fact here is a much, much shorter version of your guide:
    Step 1a: If you're full on cities abandon one.
    Step 1b: Build a brand new city on a flat (alternately you could capture a low level NPC village)
    Step 2: Abandon all your other cities
    Step 3: Kill the workers at this new city
    Step 4: Turn tax up to 100%

    Done. You've now destroyed everything you owned, and have left nothing behind worth farming and nothing to capture or worth capturing, and it takes much less time.


    Note Maybe there is a better reason for this, and if so please tell me as it escapes me why anyone would want to do this aside from my earlier assertion that it is born out of bitterness.
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    Abandoning a city turns it into an npc, which can then be farmed. The whole point to this guide is how not to become a farm.
    Oh, by the way, if I could find a vacant flat to build on, do think I would be stuck with one town???
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    Quote Originally Posted by RennStimpy View Post
    Abandoning a city turns it into an npc, which can then be farmed. The whole point to this guide is how not to become a farm.
    Oh, by the way, if I could find a vacant flat to build on, do think I would be stuck with one town???

    So the answer is yes, it is the bitterness.

    So on the note of spitefullness, turning a city into an NPC that is OTHER than level 5 or 10 really serves the same purpose as leaving an empty city. NPC levels 1-4 aren't that profitable and are really only used in medal farming (Which would be sticking it to the Devs since they want us to pay for medals), and NPC levels 6-9 are generally thought as being not worth farming. So if you abandon a city that started on the server, you have a 4/5 chance of leaving something undesirable for material farming behind, and a 4/10 chance of leaving something not worth farming under any condition.

    As for not being able to find a vacant flat, that's a wholly different issue than what your guide is proposing. Although I do find it humorous that you're calling for people to become the very thing that is driving you away from the game. There is something wonderfully... viral about that.
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    when you leave and if you have a good account give it away to ppl in your alliance if you in that long enough you can tell who play a lot and can take care or make good use of the account

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    Call it bitterness if you like. After all, the way the game has been managed has left a bitter taste in my mouth. Repeated calls for server wipes of 0 prestige inactive accounts has resulted in nothing. The only action I have left is to leave the game and leave them with something that will sit on their server as a reminder of what happens when you fail to deliver a basic level of service to your customers.

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    cut it short g oto your icon top right corner click on it, your account comes up down at the bottom right there is a restart botton will delete all ur data and cities, and clear it from the server...

    click restart game, walk away,,, why bother doing all these steps duuuuhh i dont understand pppl try to drink from the cup upside down, its there to be used mate just click it.. your cities will dispaear no farms there...


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