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Thread: Medal Track - Rose, Lions, Etc. - You Decide

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    Default Nov 6 Loots

    here's what I got today, just few. I did no include the 3 Nation and 3 Justice here as they can be easily obtain from lvl 10 NPC..
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    Default Hero Stats

    Here is my hero stats if you think this could help.
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    Nice Heroes man. Now just wondering is that report that you recieved the 2 medals, is that a lvl 10 NPC?

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    Yes, it was from lvl 10 NPC. It was the second time actually that i got 2 diff item in one attack. Way back weeks ago, i also got 1 amulet and 1 speaker at the same time attacking lvl 5 NPC.
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    What method did you use for the attacks? Spam 1 valley with attack and relese? attack every valley in range? Just randomly pick on and go?

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    Not sure if I just haven't done enough, but I've attacked ~350 valleys (1-5) and ~30 NPCs (1-4) and haven't gotten a thing yet. Server 67. It's getting really discouraging.

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    If your looking for ROSE and LIONS, see my other thread, it's here.

    Conquer and Release(Spamming Method)


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