What Is Evony?
Evony is a strategy browser based game with over 1+mil players online. In Evony, you build your cities and try to conquer other people's cities'. You will have a lot of fun here in the community of Evony.

Is Evony Free?
Evony is totally free to play. There are no hidden monthly fees or subscriptions. The only thing you can pay for but you don't have to is for some packages or for game cents to buy stuff at the shop.

Is Evony Safe?
Evony is safe and careful about information. They never require your phone number or address, that is all optional. But they do tell you to be careful about who you tell your password to. Evony is not responsible for hacked accounts.

Does Evony Have Help?
Yes Evony does have help. They have beginner tutorials and guides for all players. The forums also can be used to post your questions. So if you ever have a question, feel free to ask here.

Does Evony Have Activities?
Yes they do. The quest are some and so are the packages. Usually you will get sent mail with some activities the players can do. So Evony has many fun activities for players.

Does Evony Fix Problems?
Evony is always glad to fix problems. They are always trying their hardest to fix the bugs and keep the community safe. So if you're ever worried about problems, let the Evony staff try to fix it here on out.

Does Evony Have Public Chat Places?
Evony has lots of public chats, such as beginner chat or the forums. There are always different topics you can talk about and fun things to share. So feel free to express ideas and feelings.

I hope this covers some of the basics. Feel free to tell me how to improve. Sorry about the underlined stuff, how do I change that?