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    Talking The best way to hide your resources

    Sometimes you will be under attack and you may not have a second city to take your resources to. Sometimes you may not have the means to carry all your hard earned gold. Are you sick of being robbed? Well play the market. Before bed hide your gold in the market. If lets say lumber is at 0.6 you buy all your golds worth at 0.1 or 0.2. No one will sell their lumber that cheap if the price is that high. So your money gets tied up in the market. So when you come back on line you simply delete post in market and you have your gold back. Now to hide your lumber, stone, food and iron you set the price extremely high. Sell everything you have at 5.0 or higher it doesn't matter. Who wants to buy food at that price? and if someone does you get rich! Make sure you have a big enough market to make 5 transactions at once. I do this almost everynight now and when i get scouted i appear to be broke and not worth attacking. warehouses are a waste of space , time and resources. If you "baammmify" your resources you will hardly ever get pounced on.
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    This does not work, I thought it did, and last week, I had "hidden" 2 mil stone in the marketplace by asking 1.00 for it, thinking it would be safe. There was nothing else in my city, as I had moved it to my primary city. I was scouted and attacked, and my stone was plundered. Being scouted, I had expected my stone not to be seen, but it must have been, or he would not have wasted his time on less than 10K of other resources. What this method does do, is it allows you to exceed your storage limits on each item. I was able to upgrade to lev 10 walls, with only 2 mil in stone storage, by keeping 4 mil stone for "sale" in the market. When I had enough, I deleted the post, my total then was 5.6 million, so my production stopped, but I was able to spend it on my upgrade.

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    This used to work, but no longer. if you are plundered and you have resorces on the markey that have not sold, they will be plundered as well.
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