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Thread: Funny World Chat

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    [Alliance]<00:13>[Nisha]: Wildstar
    [Alliance]<00:14>[Wyr]: Are you wanting to leave to join alex nisha? That is what he is telling me
    [Alliance]<00:14>[Nisha]: I will follow Alex where ever he goes
    [Alliance]<00:15>[BeefStack]: sounds like real love
    [Alliance]<00:15>[Nisha]: Love you guys but I think you knew that
    [Alliance]<00:15>[Wyr]: Then you can quit. He is a loser who thinks he was disrepected but wasn't
    [Alliance]<00:15>[Nisha]: Dont be an idiot Beefstack
    [Alliance]<00:15>[Thalric]: did i miss something?
    [Alliance]<00:15>[Wyr]: He thinks he is more important than the alliance and therefore won't help
    [Alliance]<00:15>[BeefStack]: whatever
    [Alliance]<00:16>[Nisha]: So you will make a member take a prestige hit even though they have been loyal to you while they were here
    [Alliance]<00:16>[Nisha]: I have busted my*for this alliance
    To [BeefStack]: i support you
    [Alliance]<00:16>[Nisha]: That is pretty sad
    [Alliance]<00:16>[Wyr]: Loyal means you stay where you are and help out. I have had offers fomr other alliances and stayed here.
    [Alliance]<00:16>[Wyr]: That is loyal
    [Alliance]<00:16>[BeefStack]: QQ less, your leaving us get over it. prestige grows on trees
    [Alliance]<00:17>[BeefStack]: thats my opinion
    [Alliance]<00:17>[Thalric]: REALLY?????
    [Alliance]<00:17>[Nisha]: No noe asked
    [Alliance]<00:17>[BeefStack]: no one wants to hear u b!tch either
    [Alliance]<00:18>[Nisha]: hmm
    [Alliance]<00:18>[Nisha]: so stating my opinion now is *****ing
    [Alliance]<00:18>[Nisha]: Thats a new one
    [Alliance]<00:18>[BeefStack]: drama queen?
    [Alliance]<00:19>[Nisha]: No you my dear are a jerk but that is besides the point
    [Alliance]<00:19>[Thalric]: calm down guys......
    [Alliance]<00:19>[Nisha]: Oh im calm hun
    [Alliance]<00:19>[Thalric]: ok thas good
    [Alliance]<00:19>[JJune]: Nisha just leave or be quiet!
    [Alliance]<00:19>[Nisha]: I would just like to be booted and no one seems inclined to do so
    To [Nisha]: i would if i offense
    [Alliance]<00:20>[Wyr]: Find her and kill her
    [Alliance]<00:20>[Wyr]: lol
    [Alliance]<00:20>[BeefStack]: =D
    [Alliance]<00:20>[JJune]: lol!
    [Alliance]<00:21>[BeefStack]: prestige is over rated nisha, it means nothing, i seen people with 100k prestige wipe others out cause they purposely keep it low to stay under radar
    [Alliance]<00:21>[BeefStack]: just saying*

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    Default Trolling Dirty

    Alright, so there's this newbie in WC, asking about troops... Since I had it in my mind that he couldn't be very gullible, and should be on the newer server (165) anyway, I decided to be a jerk and say something stupid.

    Apparently he WAS gullible, and so I took it to this next level. Any language from others has been edited and toned down, and/or simply replaced with asterisks after the words' first letter. Amulet wins and stuff have been totally deleted. Most/All totally irrelevant comments have also been wiped. Otherwise, this is the full version of what happened.

    The name of the newbie will forever be lost to history, and I'm simply going to edit his name to avoid his reputation taking a mortal blow. His name here will simply say "Random Noob."

    My name as everyone knows, is CosmicFury on server 164, and will be on future servers, so you now know the perpetrator of this crime.

    I present the "Director's Cut" of the crime. Enjoy!

    ================================================== ======

    <18:31>[Random Noob]: how do i get troops
    <18:31>[CosmicFury]: You have to save the princess.
    <18:31>[Random Noob]: what
    <18:31>[CosmicFury]: Yeah, you've got to rescue the princess so that you can get more troops.
    <18:31>[Townzer]: yeh, their middle name is normally 'Loser'
    <18:32>[snifter]: lol
    <18:32>[Random Noob]: what rescue a princess
    <18:32>[Wisenheimr]: Pink Floyd? why yes please
    <18:32>[snifter]: go luigi
    <18:32>[Random Noob]: wher is she
    <18:32>[CosmicFury]: Yes, she's usuallly found in either level 10 valleys or high-levelled NPC's
    <18:32>[snifter]: hang on Ill wake her up
    <18:32>[Random Noob]: hhh just wht i needed
    <18:32>[CosmicFury]: All you have to do is rescue the princess in those places to be able to get more troops.
    <18:33>[Random Noob]: wht places
    <18:33>[snifter]: too f***** funny
    <18:33>[CosmicFury]: Princesses in this server are common at this stage. Just attack any level 10 valley or level 7 or above NPC.
    <18:33>[CosmicFury]: You'll usually get one if your troops fight well enough.
    <18:33>[Random Noob]: k but how i need troops to do that
    <18:34>[snifter]: bahahaha
    <18:34>[Random Noob]: how about lv 5 places
    To [snifter]: Help me with this thing LMAO
    <18:34>[CosmicFury]: They're a lot less common there.
    <18:34>From [snifter] : if I can stop laughing
    To [snifter]: LMAO
    <18:36>[CosmicFury]: Build your barracks to level 3 and upgrade your informatics in your academy. Get a hero, and attack someone's level 10 valley. Usually the princess
    <18:36>[CosmicFury]: likes to stay behind, but only on very high prestige players.
    <18:38>[CosmicFury]: borrow someone else's level 10 valley by attacking it, you may in fact get the princess there, as it's been returned to that valley in peace. After
    <18:38>[CosmicFury]: all, she's already been rescued from the barbarian troops.
    <18:38>From [Random Noob] : leave me alone
    <18:38>[radical]: I choked on my coffee after that one
    <18:39>[GetBent]: your going to he11 for sure
    To [Random Noob]: It didn't work?
    <18:39>[BloodKisst]: and never attkk anyone who has a humpty on thier wall...never


    Apparently he’s found out by this point that there’s no princess whatsoever, cause he started trash talking at me (which I admittedly deserved for that LOL)

    <18:39>From [Random Noob] : ill beat the * out of you cus thers no princess
    <18:40>From [Random Noob] : your cryingg cus edited cry like that
    <18:40>From [Random Noob] : man im soo p---ed at you im going to banned you
    <18:41>[Krusader]: name him chuckNorris and he will never lose but his intel must be above 100
    Please don't keep sending the same messages in World Chat.
    <18:41>From [Random Noob] : come at me
    <18:41>[CosmicFury]: Wow, this is sooo funny... I'm going to put this in a Word document for all eternity, to laugh more at later
    <18:42>[CosmicFury]: Already copy/pasta'd the whole thing...
    To [Random Noob]: Go right ahead
    <18:43>From [Random Noob] : noob my a-- hope you like it


    He ran out of speakers after this presumably, or simply was too angry to speak very much about this stuff in WC, as the situation calmed down after that, that is, outside of a few rounds of pink text. LOL

    Later on, about the same guy… (I’ve got his name edited out for privacy. This convo was also posted here at his consent.)

    <18:47>From [________] : I just feel so sad for the kid... probably only like 7-8
    To [________]: Likely so... But Holy Mother of God... That was still funny as s---
    To [________]: yeah, I haven't had this much fun aggravating someone in ages
    <18:49>From [________] : he knows how to pink, though but still looks for the princess
    To [________]: WOW, really? LMAO
    <18:50>From [________] : ya.. my screen is getting flooded

    ================================================== =======

    Unfortunately, he couldn't retrieve the convo about trying to find the princess, but still, it was some funny stuff going on here.

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    oh god, Not seen one that good in a looooong time, Well done.

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    lmfao are you serious... how can ppl be that dumb.....

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    ahahah so funny

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    Utterly random WC lol, but I still thought it funny

    <22:26>[antonis]: whats up?
    <22:27>[Siegfried]: 42 frogs
    <22:27>[antonis]: kk

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    [LittleRed]: how do I put the archers in the archer towers?
    [ChukNoris]: did you try building ladders?
    [LittleRed]: ummm no, where do I do that?
    [ChukNoris]: go to shop, there should be a book of spells there (250 cents). buy it and choose the spell 'lumber to ladder'. when you have enough ladders select 'fill the archer tower' spell
    [LittleRed]: thanks!
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    <22:13>[binski]: Nameless recruting. You will remain that way.
    <22:14>[Dragonfish]: umm what way?
    <22:14>[binski]: Nameless
    <22:15>[Dragonfish]: but ur names binski dude, not nameless
    <22:16>[binski]: Good point. You will keep your own name, but join an alliance that will never achieve one.
    <22:16>[Dragonfish]: well why the hell not? kick azz and take names man
    <22:17>[Dragonfish]: why play a war game otherwise?
    <22:19>[Dragonfish]: jeopardy music
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    Lord warrenwebb gained 1 Blast Furnace(worth 50 Cents) from Amulet!
    <22:26>[binski]: I lost on jeopardy, baby.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kaiba View Post
    Okay for all that haven't heard the story, this is the most EPIC story ever!!

    It all started when BumbleBee and I went to KNIGHTS to assist in their war with TWAR. We joined KNIGHTS alliance and were in alliance chat one night. This was our conversation. . .

    [sirdragon] I am hitting a lv10 NPC and only getting 35k losses
    [BumbleBee] Dude thats not something to be proud of, in TasCorp we only take like 6-7k losses
    [sirdragon] I have 6 more attacks on the way
    [BumbleBee] ah sir did you know we are in the middle of a frigging war??
    [sirdragon] yeah sort of
    [BumbleBee] Well you shouldn't be trying to cap a lv10, you should be helping out
    [sirdragon] I have no targets close by, oh hang on
    [sirdragon] There is 1, I faindin an attack at him
    [sirdragon] *faindig
    [IronHide] WTF is faindig??
    [sirdragon] fin
    [BumbleBee] LMAO
    [IronHide] WTF, ROTFL
    [BumbleBee] sir whatever it is your on, I don't want any

    And so began the EPIC faindig fin saga. Since then Bumble and I have been using the words faindig and fin as any word we choose. But recently in our war with MISC (sirdragons new alliance) one of our members encounter sirdragon. We asked our member to ensure they mail sirdragon when attacking with the word faindig. Following is their conversation in whispers. . .

    To [sirdragon]: if you can't manage to scout there's not much hope is there?
    From [sirdragon] : no but I have defens me good bi cis of 3 alianser attack me if it only yours attack I have now
    To [sirdragon]: faindig
    From [sirdragon] : then I dont have now prob to ciping the city
    To [sirdragon]: ciping?
    From [sirdragon] : no but i have more city in TUSCANY co up ther and se if you'r alianse live lol

    And now ladies and gentlemen the new saga begins. . . .

    The EPIC Faindig Ciping of Fin
    I can find humour in this one
    Nicely narrated; convenience for reading
    Thanks, Kaiba

    *Signature is a gift from Tinkerbell. The writer is a biased, one-sided
    war journalist from SuperServer 28 who thinks he can win the war using a pen.

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    <03:36>[Kitsunni]: It`s cool with me I`m 8 yrs younger than my hubby..
    <03:36>[Kitsunni]: Now the epic fail!
    <03:37>[Governor A]: i would say lol
    <03:37>[Kitsunni]: lol
    <03:37>[Governor A]: you just made it to the forums fyi.


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