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Thread: Funny World Chat

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    Quote Originally Posted by Madman21 View Post
    <21:32>[BrindleBeard]: if you want to win medals... try this:
    Lord Fireweed gained 1 Medium Medal Box(worth 140 Cents) from Amulet!
    <21:32>[BrindleBeard]: hey is this working
    That The funniest one yet lol wn1 isnt that funny but the server war on it is funny

    cant copy paste but ill type it up .....
    (DirtyFinger) hmm weres my shower gone?
    (ShowerHead) Well Im the sprout...
    (Soap) Im ur soap
    (DirtyFinger) sorry u must belong too someone else i remembered i done have a shower
    Lord KISHORE gained 1 Holy Water (5 pieces package)(worth 90 Cents) from Amulet!
    (DirtyFinger) hmm maybe having some holy water may help and WOW its a 5 piece package is it like a tesco value meal deal??
    (IceyPimp) Thats were u bought ur house from it was the box ouside saying TAKE ME!

    <22:32>[IRONHEART]: anyone know who bkackHand is?
    <22:33>[IRONHEART]: BlacKHand*
    <22:33>[IRONHEART]: crisis r just a pain in the a$$
    <22:33>[IRONHEART]: oops
    <22:35>[robinleaf]: hello??
    <22:36>[IRONHEART]: &lt;1:5>From [john12] : ur a fuuking pain in the azz 4 takig our city, ur bs mofu
    <22:36>[IRONHEART]: lol
    <22:36>[robinleaf]: wat???
    Lady Klubnika gains 30 cents from Amulet!
    <22:37>[RACReP]: npope
    <22:37>[DragonSil]: lol
    <22:37>[IRONHEART]: atleast dat provesjohn12's's not botting ryt now...
    <22:38>[IRONHEART]: :-P
    <22:38>[robinleaf]: yh
    <22:38>[DragonSil]: finaly able to log in
    <22:39>[Couger]: lol
    <22:39>[IRONHEART]: To [john12]: lol i'm so gonna kill u
    <22:40>[IRONHEART]: &lt;1:7>From [john12] : oh really just ***kin try
    <22:40>[IRONHEART]: atleast m not fighting a bot :P
    <22:40>[DragonSil]: let me guess crisis
    <22:40>[IRONHEART]: of course who else...:-)
    <22:41>[DragonSil]: legnd
    <22:41>[DragonSil]: oh boy i am a smart ass today
    <22:41>[DHX]: I NEED AN ALLIANCE
    <22:42>[IRONHEART]: u sure r :_D
    <22:42>[IRONHEART]: :-D*
    <22:44>[RACReP]: back had to refresh
    <22:45>[DragonSil]: rac
    <22:45>[DragonSil]: hi
    <22:45>[RACReP]: hey Dragon whats up?
    <22:45>[DragonSil]: trying to make the fourms work
    <22:46>[DragonSil]: well was
    Lady Binchie gained 1 Civil Code(worth 50 Cents) from Amulet!
    Lord Maticus gained 1 Blast Furnace(worth 50 Cents) from Amulet!
    <22:47>[RACReP]: oh ool
    <22:48>[IRONHEART]: all dat crisis know bout war is to pray :-P
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    Lord xDonkeyX gained 5 On War(worth 500 Cents) from Amulet!
    <20:39>[LordTip]: looking for an alliance
    <20:39>[ReapUrSoul]: what does it look like LordTip i might of seen it
    Lord bro gained 5 On War(worth 500 Cents) from Amulet!
    <20:39>[Fyxen]: hahahaha
    <20:40>[hom15]: q
    <20:40>[darqness]: hot chick with bloodlust recruiting for erasers. must be able to kill reds and serve me their blood in golden goblets
    <20:40>[lord Jeb]: thats funny

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    Quote Originally Posted by ianmikey View Post
    Lord xDonkeyX gained 5 On War(worth 500 Cents) from Amulet!
    <20:39>[LordTip]: looking for an alliance
    <20:39>[ReapUrSoul]: what does it look like LordTip i might of seen it
    Lord bro gained 5 On War(worth 500 Cents) from Amulet!
    <20:39>[Fyxen]: hahahaha
    <20:40>[hom15]: q
    <20:40>[darqness]: hot chick with bloodlust recruiting for erasers. must be able to kill reds and serve me their blood in golden goblets
    <20:40>[lord Jeb]: thats funny
    not that funny

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    a new member joins our alliance and asks for some wood enjoy

    <11:57>[Prinny]: can u do anything else?
    <11:57>[apollyon]: u need service
    <11:57>[Prinny]: u want to service me
    <11:57>[Prinny]: oh my
    <11:57>[apollyon]: sure
    <11:57>[apollyon]: if u want
    <11:58>[Prinny]: wow u are forward
    <11:58>[Prinny]: how old are u
    <11:58>[apollyon]: 29
    <11:59>[Prinny]: and are u good at servicing?
    <11:59>[apollyon]: sure
    <11:59>[Prinny]: how good?
    <11:59>[apollyon]: awsome with a lot of stamina
    <12:0>[apollyon]: that the way i roll
    <12:0>[Prinny]: dear me I am blushing
    <12:1>[Prinny]: so u are single
    <12:1>[apollyon]: um
    <12:1>[Prinny]: gee u are thinking hard
    <12:2>[apollyon]: hard?
    <12:2>[apollyon]: lol
    <12:2>[apollyon]: im always hard
    <12:2>[apollyon]: lmao
    <12:2>[Prinny]: if u have to think that hard she cant be much good
    <12:2>[apollyon]: is that so
    <12:3>[Prinny]: I would say so
    <12:4>[apollyon]: so wwould u like some hard deep servicing?
    <12:4>[Prinny]: hmmm slow is good
    <12:4>[apollyon]: ok im in no hurry we have all day and night
    <12:5>[Prinny]: just the way I like it
    <12:6>[Prinny]: just getting to know everyone
    <12:7>[apollyon]: so prinny
    <12:7>[Prinny]: I apologise
    <12:7>[Prinny]: yes sir
    <12:7>[apollyon]: may i ask u something?
    <12:7>[Prinny]: depends
    <12:7>[apollyon]: do u like being spanked?
    <12:7>[Prinny]: are u gonna behave
    <12:7>[apollyon]: nope
    <12:7>[apollyon]: never
    <12:8>[Prinny]: that is something u will have to wait to find out
    <12:8>[Prinny]: I only just met u
    <12:8>[apollyon]: oh now now
    <12:8>[apollyon]: dont be shy
    <12:9>[apollyon]: prinny
    <12:10>[Prinny]: yes sir
    <12:10>[Prinny]: I do sir
    <12:10>[apollyon]: u do what
    <12:10>[apollyon]: like spankings
    <12:10>[Prinny]: but only if I have been bad
    <12:10>[apollyon]: so we can pretend u have been bad if u want
    <12:11>[Prinny]: umm I only just got here
    <12:11>[apollyon]: yea
    <12:11>[Prinny]: I must say this is a warm welcome
    <12:11>[apollyon]: u know u like it
    <12:11>[apollyon]: well prinny
    <12:12>[apollyon]: i havent eaten this morning can u offer me something i can munch on lmao?
    <12:12>[apollyon]: i want prinny desert please
    <12:13>[Prinny]: I am speechless
    <12:13>[apollyon]: u would be
    <12:13>[Prinny]: never has someone been so forward with me
    <12:13>[Prinny]: I could be a grandma for all u know
    <12:13>[apollyon]: prinny u know u want me to eat your pie
    <12:14>[apollyon]: the older the bare the sweeter the juice
    <12:14>[apollyon]: bear even
    <12:14>[apollyon]: ***k yes
    <12:15>[apollyon]: so prinny where did u go?
    <12:16>[Prinny]: I am here
    <12:16>[Prinny]: just wondering what u were wanting for dessert
    <12:16>[apollyon]: so how about it?
    <12:16>[Prinny]: pie was it?
    <12:16>[Prinny]: probabaly just as well
    <12:17>[apollyon]: yup
    <12:17>[Prinny]: I am not even game enough to ask for wood
    <12:17>[apollyon]: i want to bath in the sea of lust and desire please
    <12:18>[Prinny]: bath?
    <12:18>[Prinny]: I need wood
    <12:19>[Prinny]: can anyone give me wood
    <12:19>[apollyon]: ill give u all the wood i have deep and slow i promise ill be gental
    <12:19>[Prinny]: can u send to me
    <12:19>[Prinny]: pls
    <12:19>[apollyon]: at which area do u want this wood inserted?
    <12:19>[Prinny]: ummm 382 262
    <12:20>[apollyon]: wow u mean it has coords sweet
    <12:20>[Prinny]: yep
    <12:20>[Prinny]: is called honeybee
    <12:20>[apollyon]: nice u drew me a map to heaven
    <12:20>[apollyon]: i like
    <12:20>[apollyon]: u can call it whatever u like
    <12:21>[apollyon]: sounds sweet to say the least
    <12:22>[apollyon]: i always like the kind that taste like the last bit of pineapple juice in a can
    <12:22>[apollyon]: good till the last drop
    <12:23>[apollyon]: yummy yummy
    <12:23>[Prinny]: I like pineapple
    <12:23>[apollyon]: u can taste also if u would like
    <12:25>[apollyon]: so do u want all of my wood or not?
    <12:25>[Prinny]: yes please I need wood
    <12:25>[Prinny]: at honeybee
    <12:26>[apollyon]: open honeybee for me im comming
    <12:27>[apollyon]: lookout here comes the wood
    <12:27>[Prinny]: oh my
    <12:27>[Prinny]: that is a lot of wood
    <12:27>[apollyon]: yea can u take it all?
    <12:27>[Prinny]: where will I put it all
    <12:28>[apollyon]: we will find a place
    <12:28>[Prinny]: phew lucky
    <12:29>[apollyon]: prinny outch let me go u are hurting me
    <12:29>[apollyon]: not going to fit
    <12:29>[apollyon]: sorry
    <12:29>[Prinny]: so are there any other girls
    <12:30>[apollyon]: um
    <12:30>[apollyon]: how did we get to this?
    <12:30>[Prinny]: well u seem kinda .....
    <12:30>[Prinny]: deprived
    <12:30>[Prinny]: of female company
    <12:30>[apollyon]: u m your the one asking for my wood
    <12:32>[apollyon]: look at what i have goten myself into
    <12:32>[apollyon]: im now stuck in prinnys honeybee
    <12:33>[Prinny]: u are stuck with me for life now
    <12:33>[apollyon]: give it back prinny its mine dammit
    <12:33>[Prinny]: so I hope there is no girlfriend out there
    <12:33>[Prinny]: who is gonna get jealous
    <12:35>[apollyon]: um maybe
    <12:35>[apollyon]: doesnt really matter now
    <12:35>[apollyon]: im stuck
    <12:35>[Prinny]: oh
    <12:35>[apollyon]: i knew i should have brought the ky
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    [MissWendy]: hey cyress i really need some food, and lumber, and iron
    [Neske]: i need some iron too please
    [Cyress]: what am i a walmart?!
    [MissWendy]: haha Mr walmart, res please!
    Be a tyrant not a diplomat!

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    <10:33>[DragonSil]: ok
    <10:35>[DragonSil]: i t=hate this game
    <10:36>[DragonSil]: i never had to type so much
    <10:36>[Couger]: ?
    <10:36>[Couger]: lol
    <10:36>[Couger]: meat me
    <10:36>[Grandar]: huh?
    <10:36>[Couger]: i speak 24/7
    <10:36>[Couger]: ola granda
    <10:36>[DragonSil]: how the hell u on
    <10:36>[Grandar]: wassup cougar
    <10:36>[Couger]: nm u
    <10:37>[Grandar]: my computer is on... and im logged in
    <10:37>[Couger]: lol
    <10:37>[Grandar]: thats how i am on

    <10:37>[DragonSil]: i will get u
    <10:39>[Grandar]: hahaha
    <10:39>[DragonSil]: i know i have xfire off
    <10:41>[Grandar]: *
    <10:44>[DragonSil]: now i know y to have xfire off my grilfriend
    <10:44>[Grandar]: ?
    <10:44>[Grandar]: what did you do now
    <10:44>[DragonSil]: i dont know
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    [World]<01:59>[Plesurchok]: my gf left me and went to the bar without me
    [World]<02:00>[Popeye1]: Are you bytchin' or braggin'?
    [World]<02:01>[nichelle]: is that a bad thing or a good thing?
    [World]<02:01>[Plesurchok]: *****in
    [World]<02:01>[Rebel]: call her best friend

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    [forgot this guys name] hi Asmo when did you join this server?!?!
    [me] today and im sorry do i know you?
    [forgot this guys name] we have played together lol
    [me] oh crap not this again... im not the asmo you think i am
    [forgot this guys name] why did you copy his name then dumb azz
    [me].... i actually never knew there was an asmo until i got his guide
    [forgot this guys name] yeah well don't go starting no chit right!

    [the above was a wisper exchange i had awhile back before i landed an id card]
    [to the real asmo if people have claimed to have seen you on na8 [i changed my name on na8] or na14 [my name is slightly longer now on na14] then that would be me and in no way am i impersonating you and btw your guide has helped me loads thanks xD ]

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    <6:18>[Thomas de Seymour]: i need a boot & invite
    <6:18>[jjboy]: from world chat ok
    <6:19>[jjboy]: i have a boot
    <6:20>[lmaooooooo]: and I invite you to kiss my azz

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    my scottish influence in my alliance btw datts is an aussie

    <15:54>[Datts]: suko ate the crutch out of a low flyin duck till he leant it could reproduce lol
    <15:54>[Datts]: couldnt
    <15:55>[SMOKESTAR]: wtf lmao
    <15:55>[Sukonmi]: lol
    <15:55>[Datts]: wait sec ill write in language u understand
    <15:56>[Datts]: soooko aye the croth of a lew flewing dook tell he lewnt it cooldnt reproodeuce
    <15:56>[SMOKESTAR]: roflmao ok
    <15:57>[Datts]: make more sense now lol
    <15:58>[420time]: lmao
    <15:59>[Caligula]: ROFLMFAO
    <15:59>[Caligula]: brb again lol

    thanx morgan xoxo


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